Things To Consider Before Whitening Your Teeth At Home

Teeth whitening is something that many people with stained or yellowed teeth have wanted to try, but they never went ahead with the idea because of the price involved. The truth is teeth whitening is not always expensive. There are various over-the-counter options and home remedies that are proven to work. However, you should beware of making some mistakes. 

Teeth whitening, when done correctly, can give you amazing results. If done professionally, you do not need to worry about complications, as your dentist will ensure everything is alright. However, if you are considering at-home approaches, you should consult with your dentist first. Talk to a The Woodlands teeth whitening dentist today. 

Things to consider before whitening your teeth at home 

  • You cannot do teeth whitening if you have tooth decay or gum disease. 

A teeth whitening procedure is not recommended for people with dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease. Your dentist will recommend you get treated for the existing problems first and then correct the color of your teeth. 

This is because the products used in the teeth whitening process can worsen and irritate your gums and teeth. You also won’t get results as per your desire. Therefore, before whitening your teeth at home, visit your dentist once to check for damage. 

  • Consult with your dentist for the best teeth whitening option. 

Before you go ahead with your teeth whitening procedure at home, consult with your dentist about which method would be right for you. There are many options available in the market. Your dentist can evaluate your dental health, including the reason why your teeth have become stained or discolored. Then, they can recommend the best teeth whitening regime based on your needs. 

  • You might not benefit from teeth whitening. 

One thing to know about teeth whitening is that you may or may not benefit from the process. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, your dentist would not recommend teeth whitening for you. The bleaching agents used in teeth whitening can worsen your sensitivity. Moreover, teeth whitening won’t benefit you if your enamel is worn or your discoloration is due to some internal issues or medications. You will need to fix the problem internally instead of externally. 

  • Do not be quick to buy over-the-counter home remedies. 

Dentists warn their patients about buying at-home teeth whitening kits from the market without researching the product. Not every product is worth your money; some may do more harm than good. It is best to ask your dentist for suggestions. 

Visit a dentist today. 

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