Myths About Depression Everyone Should Know

Depression is one of the leading mental health disorders in the world. Previously, depression was thought to be an abnormality, and depressed people were termed as “crazy.” However, the world is increasingly gaining awareness about the importance of treating mental health disorders. Although depression has been around for a while, there are various myths about it.

Due to certain depression myths, patients are hesitant to seek treatment even today. They often face prejudice because of a stigma attached to depression and other mental health disorders. It is important to learn the facts and separate them from the myths and misconceptions. If you are struggling, visit an adult psychiatrist washington today.

Myths about depression everyone should know

  • Depression is not a “real” illness.

Just because your skin is not bleeding or your bones ain’t broken, that does not mean the illness is not real or serious. Psychological problems are as important and concerning as physical problems and should be given equal care. Many people also believe that depression is madness or a weakness of character, both of which are false. If you suffer from depression, do not write it off as normal.

  • Medication is the best treatment for depression.

Psychological problems like depression and anxiety are not exactly the same as physical problems like fever and cold. While they do require medication to manage mood and stress, they are not the cure. Antidepressants are usually prescribed alongside psychotherapy and lifestyle changes. Moreover, these medications may not work for everyone.

  • Depression is all in the head.

Depression is a mental disorder, but it has social and biological origins as well. It is a chronic condition and takes proper treatment plans and methods to cure. A person struggling with depression cannot shut it off like a switch. Most people only see the emotional side of depression, such as when a person does not act like themselves or acts out. However, depressed people feel physically sick as well.

  • Depression happens after a sad situation.

It is commonly believed that depression comes to people after they have endured a traumatic or extremely hurtful event, such as the death of a loved one. While such events can raise your risk of depression, they do not always cause it. Moreover, depression does not require you to experience a sad event. It can happen to anyone and at any phase of life.

These are some of the common myths associated with depression. If you know about them, make sure to educate your friends and family. If you or your loved one is suffering from depression, seek help today.

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