What Does Microneedling Do? Here is the Truth!

Aging has been a problem that had been a concern from time immemorial. Yet human beings aspire to look younger even as they advance in years. Cosmetics rule as a result and you find it difficult to choose between the available products. One of the best solutions for enlivening the aged skin and reducing the scars and other blemishes from the face is to undergo cosmetic procedures. While surgery is an option, most individuals prefer to opt for non-invasive procedures that do not involve any downtime. Microneedling is certainly a popular option with numerous patients finding the results satisfactory. 

So, what does microneedling do? It is indeed interesting to note that microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where you will have a professional pricking the surface of your skin with tiny needles. The sharp implements would be cauterized/sterilized as per the need to prevent any possibility of infection in the aftermath. The thousands of tiny wounds would stimulate your body to boost the production of collagen and elastin that are essential to keep your skin supple and younger-looking. The sagging skin would be replaced with a tighter and flexible skin surface as well. You may also hear of the procedure being termed collagen induction therapy. 

Microneedling Procedure

It is best to learn all the facts and be ready for the procedure. 

  • Remember, that a single session may take only about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. More time will be spent when the area of treatment is bigger. 
  • Again, a single session will not produce miraculous results. Instead, you may have to go for a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions to get the desired effect.
  • No worries! You will not feel much pain during the procedure. A numbing agent will be applied over the concerned area before the tool is rolled on your face, neck, stomach, or thighs.
  • You may experience some amount of bleeding as the tool cuts into your skin. However, the professional will take care to stem the flow of blood almost instantly.  

Things to consider

The procedure is usually performed by experienced dermatologists trained to carry out the process. Multiple skin clinics and beauty salons offer the service too. However, it is advisable to check the credentials of the individuals performing the therapy. Inquiring about the sterilization of all tools and surfaces is necessary to ensure all-around safety. You may also come across small-sized devices meant to carry out microneedling. The DIY approach may not work perfectly as you do not have the requisite skills or experience. Skincare professionals warn against using such devices and recommend using professional assistance when you want to improve your appearance by eliminating all sorts of scars and marks from your skin. 

The question of what does microneedling do is best answered by describing it as a process that initiates the body’s natural healing mechanism. Newly formed collagen and elastin are made available to heal the tiny cuts made due to microneedling. Collagen fills up the wrinkles additionally.

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