Ram Chary Everi- Simple Steps for Freelance Graphic Design for Beginners

There has been a surge in people who have found interest in their hobbies and have turned them into successful freelance businesses. Some of them are into graphic design, earning well with their freelance gigs. If you are fond of graphic design and wish to make well from the comforts of home, all you need to do is keep some simple tips in mind. These tips will not only help you start your freelance business but will give you a competitive edge in the market as well!

Ram Chary Everi is a leading photographer and graphic designer from Boston. He has been busy with his business for some time, and when he is not working, he loves to head to the North East for tuna fishing. According to him, graphic design can be a lucrative freelancing profession if you keep the following tips in mind-

  1. Keep it very simple– There is always an urge to incorporate everything inside a logo or, for that matter, any graphical design. Now, this is where you are going wrong. Keep the design simple and focus on the correct use of white space that is dominant these days. You should use this white space correctly with the appropriate typeface. It would help if you were consistent with the images, and the quality of the frames, proportion, photos, and the style should be consistent throughout the design. 
  1. Italics must be used sparingly– Do not go overboard with italics. You will see multiple designs that use italics for balancing sub-headers and headers; however, they reserve their use to short sentences. You can optimize lines of separation for style and impact in the design. This technique does not beautify the design, and it helps what the eyes cannot see.  
  1. Flat designs are in vogue today for better composition– Today, you will find the increase in balanced designs in several advertisements. Here, the plan is classy, simple, and elegant. One should use alignment to get an enhanced sense of logic and order. It works well with designs that have a lot of text. Remember to use a grid when you are creating the flat layout. They are symmetric and balanced. 

A suitable graphic design will be pleasing to the eye. The knowledge of the color wheel helps immensely. It would help if you took some time out of your busy schedule to study it, giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

According to Ram Chary Everi, you must practice as much as you can in graphic design before you finally pick up freelancing gigs. Build a portfolio of your work and be open to learning. 

You should look out for inspiration online and study the logos of famous brands. In this way, you can establish your presence in the market as a graphic designer and start working from home or any place with your freelance business.

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