Signs You Need Psychotherapy

Contrary to common misunderstanding, you don’t have to be “crazy,” desperate, or on the point of a breakdown to go to therapy. Psychotherapy Irvine can help you overcome emotional or mental health issues. However, most individuals are clueless about when they should seek professional help for their mental health problems. Sometimes the signs are obvious, but there are instances when you just don’t know what is wrong. Here are signs you may need assistance from a therapist:

You are overwhelmed by anger, sadness

If you have uncontrollable feelings of anger, hopelessness, or sadness, you may benefit from psychotherapy.  Also, consult a therapist if you see any changes in your eating or sleeping habits, have been avoiding your friends, or are simply not feeling like yourself.

Also, seek help as soon as possible if these feelings become so intense that you begin to wonder if it is worthwhile to continue living or if you begin to consider committing suicide.

You have lost a loved one or something important

Losing a loved one is painful and can leave you hurting for a long time.  While it is normal to feel sad after a loss, problems begin when grief prevents you from moving on with your life or causes you mental distress.  

Also, you may feel depressed after going through a significant life transition, such as the end of a meaningful relationship or losing a job. Although not everyone needs therapy, it may certainly help you get through these difficulties.

Losing interest in the things you used to like doing

It is normal to lose interest in your favorite hobbies over time, but you should be concerned if you don’t find a new activity or pastime to take its place.  If you are sad, worried, or hopeless, you probably aren’t living life to the fullest. Psychotherapy will help you overcome mental health issues that are making you lose interest in your hobbies and favorite activities.

You are avoiding getting out

It is possible to prefer isolation due to stresses from work, family problems, arguments, bad relationships, etc. You no longer feel like conversing with those closest to you or at work. Isolating yourself from friends and family can result in Stress, insomnia, despair, and anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you manage Stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns that may impede your social life.

Your eating patterns/habits have altered

Changes in your dietary habits (either you are eating more or eating less) can result in your state of mental health. Unusual eating habits might indicate emotional distress, such as Stress, sadness, or depression. If you have noticed changes in your eating behaviors, you may be suffering from an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia. You may overcome your eating problems and start living better by talking to a therapist. 

You have problems at work

Working long hours and managing a heavy workload may affect your physical and mental health. If you notice that your work is getting harder, your performance is poor, and you are generally dissatisfied with your job, therapy may be the next logical step. Psychotherapy will help you manage stress and anxiety.

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