Five Signs It’s Time To Consider Professional Dental Cleaning

Did you know brushing and flossing aren’t enough to keep your smile healthy and clean in the long run? Unknown to many, bacteria in the mouth grow and multiply daily. When the bacteria pile up, it forms a hardened cluster known as tartar which can cause severe conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. In this case, you will require professional help. Fortunately, Bergen County dental cleaning services help extract and clean bacteria buildup to give you a hygienic, brighter smile.

With constant consumption of foods and beverages, it’s no secret that bacteria form quickly, requiring regular dental cleanings. Although professional dental cleaning has tremendous outcomes, some people don’t comprehend when to seek these services. Here are telltale signs showing it’s time to seek dental cleaning.

1.     Your gums appear swollen

Usually, your gums should appear pink, and thus you should seek treatment if they start to appear red. Swelling indicates that something has invaded your mouth; since the gums are the most sensitive, they will naturally react. Bacteria or tartar buildup is one of the leading causes of swollen gums. If the swelling affects the gums that neighbor your teeth, it shows that the bacteria has entered your gums and thus inflamed the affected area. This is an alarming sign that you should consider having a professional dental cleaning sooner.

2.     Sensitivity to hot and cold

Although occasional teeth sensitivity is normal, persistent sensitivity to hot and cold substances indicates an underlying dental problem. An excessive plaque buildup wears out the tooth enamel and thus causes tooth sensitivity. While other factors can contribute to sensitivity, you should seek help, especially if you’re long overdue for your dental cleaning appointment. Tooth sensitivity is an alarming sign indicating you should get dental cleaning done.

3.     Unpleasant oral breath

Nothing feels frustrating, like bad oral breath, especially if you’re fond of socially interacting with other people. Bad breath is a social life killer, and you should seek help, especially if your close friends or family tell you your breath stinks. Poor oral hygiene and tartar buildup are among the causes of bad breath. No one desires to have a smelly mouth and to manage you, and you should seek professional help. Typically, bad breath is a telltale sign you need to schedule for dental cleaning instantly.

4.     Your gums bleed even with a slight impact

If your gums bleed when brushing or chewing a hard biscuit or a piece of meat, there is something wrong with your gum health. When you’re long due for your dental cleaning appointment, your gums become sensitive, and they can bruise or bleed even with a light impact. However, professional dental cleaning can help.

5.     Your teeth have appearance defects

Besides spending hundreds of dollars to whiten your smile, it’s better to invest in regular dental cleaning as it will preserve natural-looking teeth. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of discolored teeth, making you lose your aesthetic taste. Drinking coffee, smoking, and alcohol consumption are some factors that can make your teeth discolor. Routine dental cleaning can preserve your brighter smile in the long term.

While everyone desires a glowing smile, this comes with a commitment to oral health care and routine dental cleaning appointments. Professional dental cleaning eliminates bacteria buildup and ensures a healthy smile that will serve your long-term goals. Why wait until your oral health gets out of hand when you can safeguard it with regular dental cleanings?

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