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If you are in search of the Thai lottery result history, you are here at the right place. Here we offer to our visitors an accurate, updated and reliable Thai Lottery Results.

Let us learn more about Thai Lottery in the following.

This is how you play lotto in Thailand:

Lotto is played all over the world. This also applies to Thailand. Of course, the gambling fans are also curious to see if they can get a piece of the “big jackpot cake”.

However, it is possible to follow this special lottery on the Internet and thus always stay up to date on the latest figures. Of course, it is especially important to know exactly how the Thai lottery works and what profit opportunities it offers you.

Thailand and its lottery fans:

First, it should be said that the Thai lottery is one of the biggest events. Nevertheless, the draws only take place there twice a month.

The deadlines here are the 1st and the 16th. For that reason alone, it is understandable that people have a significantly higher interest in the lottery. The draw of the corresponding numbers is there as a special event. If you miss it, you have to wait until the next draw in two weeks.

The lots in the overview:

Depending on which lot type you choose, the amount of the main prize will be different. The first lot type offers the chance of 2 million Thai Baht and the second lot makes 6 million Baht possible, of course only if you have typed 6 correct numbers.

Now you know that you have a choice between 2 different lot types. But how does the system actually work in general?

In fact, you ultimately buy 2 lots, even if you actually choose one. In summary, this means you pay 80 baht and receive “two for one”. However, should you then make a profit, you may also be happy about the double sum. The principle may sound unfamiliar, but it is very catchy – with regard to details and with a little play routine.

Incidentally, the 6 numbers you are typing on are already prefilled on a ticket. So you do not decide which numbers you want to type exactly. You only buy one ticket and hope that you land one or more hits.

The winning classes of the Thai lottery:

In total there are 9 profit classes available in the Thai lottery. This rule applies to both lot variants. The Jackpot represents the main prize here. But if you are only a number above or below the lot of the main prize, you may at least enjoy the consolation prize.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility that the first 3 digits or the last 3 digits match the numbers of the draw. Also, in this case, the players will still be rewarded with a win. Even if the 2 additional digits match on their own lot, a few Baht will still be spent on the player.

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