Book the most luxurious cruise sails for your holidays

To the ones unknown, cruising can seem like a minefield. It means that there might be a hundreds of luxury cruise ships to choose from and many more waterways to choose. Cruising in Europe or the Mediterranean coast or the far flung destinations such as Alaska seem to be a good idea. Indeed, the scope of all the luxury cruising itineraries is simply mind bending.

How to Book the most luxurious cruise sails?

First decide where do you want to go. In Europe, ocean cruises take you the North Baltic region or the fjords or the Arctic’s North Cape both in Norway or to the Iceland. If head south, you have the Mediterranean or the Black Sea. Then, there are a few voyages around the UK. Rivers suitable for cruising much of Europe and they include the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Rhone, Elbe, Seine, Dordogne, Garonne and Douro. In the North America, the ocean cruises can take you up to the east coast usually from New York, then along the St. Lawrence in Canada, from Florida to the Caribbean up to the West Coast to Alaska. Seattle or Vancouver and south to Mexico. Don’t forget the passage including Cunard’s classic transatlantic voyage.

Navigable rivers in the US include the Mississippi, the Columbia or the Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest and St. Lawrence. The Panama Canal or the Cape Horn can also be the destinations for the cruise.

Where to look for last minute vacation?

You can log onto, if you have any last minute luxurious sails plans. You get the best luxury sails and they accommodate you in the best cruise lines be it the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea.

How to get the best deal on luxury cruises and when is the best time?

To book the best deal, you will have to know the wave season. The wave season is typically January to March. This is when there are many companies who roll all the good discounts and promotions.

The low months for booking is in March and April so the cruise lines will always have some extra promotions. The key is to book strategically and unlike flights, there is no optimal level of time to book. There are a few cruise lines that have the lowest price guarantee.  Another trick is to go in a group. If you are a group of friends who wish to experience the luxury cruises, you can book with the group. Group bookings are always the best because sometimes you may get additional food and beverage coupons complimentary.  You can book the cruise for the off season if you want the rates to be lower.  June is apparently a good month to cruise if you are taking the Caribbean cruise. The other best months are in November, December or the May – June period.

River cruising or ocean cruising?

When you are still in the planning phase, you need to decide upon the two styles of cruising: river or ocean/sea. Though it depends on individual tastes and interests, the two styles of cruising are worlds apart. For starters, the average number of passengers is around 150. The ocean ships are into many categories- small, masted sailing ships, motor yachts, mid-size and the resort ships. The latter can carry around 5000 plus passengers.

When you are sailing long distance, the ocean vessels have a lot of diversions on board. The resort ships offer a lot of amenities that you don’t need to go ashore to have a great holiday. The others may prefer to use the ship as the means of exploration of different ports.

The river cruising on the other hand is where you can see the shoreline or the river bank all the time and it offers an immersive and intimate travel experience. You have no sea days and you dock somewhere every day. If you are a sea sick person but you love waters, then river cruises are for you. You can have a great holiday as they are destination intensive. The river vessels do not have much entertainment facilities for children and if you want to bring children for your holidays, then you can choose the ocean going ships.


Thus, to find the best luxury cruises, book from They will let you know the quote of the cruise you want to book for your vacation. Apart from that, you need to set your budget for the trip too. You may have all-inclusive prices but for top notch service and a few exclusive benefits, you can consider the difference it makes. You need to count all the extra prices and plan well ahead to avoid any confusions. The on shore excursions and the activities might also cost extra so plan accordingly.

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