What You Need to Know About Opus Plasma Treatment in Memphis, TN

You might have read or heard about Laser skin resurfacing. Many of you may even have tried it. In this procedure, laser energy is used to create tiny channels in your skin. Using radiofrequency, Opus Plasma generates the skin’s microplasma channels. This kind of radio frequency and plasma energy does not penetrate as deep as the laser does.

Radiofrequency and plasma energy create residual heat frequently that stimulates the fibroblast cells and triggers elastin and collagen to develop tightening of the skin. If you live in Memphis, TN, you can always get your appointment for the perfect skincare from ‘A Beautiful You.’ This medical spa is run by Dr. Kenneth Thompson. 

The treatment of Opus Plasma has a lot of benefits. 

Here is a short list of these benefits:

Skin resurfacing has been taken to another level with Opus Plasma as they have revolutionary microplasma technology. Getting some short treatment smoothens your wrinkles and fine lines. It improves hyperpigmentation and makes your skin tighter. Here is a list of detailed benefits of getting Opus Plasma.

Effective Resurfacing of Skin:

Opus Plasma makes targeted plasma micro-injuries on the topmost layer of the skin. The healing process gets stimulated and promotes the turnover of cells faster. As this technology only targets micro-injury on the top layer, it causes lesser injury compared to typical lasers. 

Development of Collagen:

The energy of radiofrequency of opus plasma deeply penetrates the skin without harm. It heats up the cells and triggers them to produce collagen. This protein structure firms and supports your skin with time. 

It is safe for more people:

The laser uses light energy that might not be a safe option for the ones that have a darker skin tone. However, with Opus Plasma, all skin tone and type is safe as they use microplasma energy. This is also an advantage for opus laser over the other laser treatments available. 

Shorter downtime:

In comparison with laser treatment, there is minimal downtime in opus plasma. One may experience some swelling and irritation, like sunburn, on the day treatment is done. You can even experience minor peeling and dryness that will be resolved in five days after the treatment is done. 

This is a tolerable treatment for every skin type. If you want to get improvement in your skin tone and texture, then this is what you need. Make sure you fix an appointment now and treat yourself with Opus Plasma. 

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