Sayema Sahar is a renowned classical singer from India who has evolved to be recognized for performing famous traditional genres of Indian music. During its ten-year career in music, she has performed more than 200 songs while earning numerous awards for her soulful voice. Well, their trip to the top is quite motivating, and for many aspiring female singers, it can indeed be cited as a living example.

Currently, under her kitty, she has some of the best singing projects and will sing around in several global ceremonies. She recently performed in the annual ABP-news function, and with her soulful speech, she took everybody’s heart. Well, she loves dancing and painting in her spare time when we talk about their hobbies. She is also an enthusiastic traveller and wants to explore and find new locations when traveling. Now, she is living with her parents in a beautiful house in the heart of the city of Mumbai.

Sayema Sahar is also active with different forms of welfare besides her ability to sing and has supported many needy people across the country. Also, she has been involved in several campaigns by various non-governmental organizations in India, and she pays back to the company to which she belonged.

In April, Sayema Sahar was born, and she was in Kolkata city early in her childhood. Well, she discovered her passion for singing quite soon on, and while her dad was a textile mill worker, she used to watch songs on TV. While her budget wasn’t right, her mother even began working at a local laundry service to support the ends. Okay, that was when her mom left her and lived in the neighbourhood with “Rama tai.’

Sayema Sahar ABP was not aware of the fact that even Rama Tai is by herself an excellent musician, and she started learning music under her guidance once she got to know about it. After Sayema Sahar ABP news got done with her college, they both used to practice for hours and hours. Sayema Sahar eventually became involved in various singing competitions and earned some right name and fame in the process. It was one beautiful day when she appeared at a local event where a famous music director from Bollywood discovered her singing talent. That was when her real dream journey started in the right direction with a Bollywood blow.

Sayema Sahar has enlisted her as one of the most famous singers of the present era. If we look at her recent performances in the genre of classical music, she has entered the elite list of singers in Bollywood. Sayema Sahar has recently been awarded the best singer award for his latest singing stint in a super-hit Bollywood film. She has performed in over 200 songs in different languages, such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu, so far. So, we can certainly say she’s a living legend who influenced millions of people during his successful Bollywood industry journey.

After that, Sayema Sahar never looked back and, for the next ten years, performed approximately 200 songs in languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. She is now an established name in the film industry and has built some huge fan base across different parts of the globe. Okay, the path wasn’t that straightforward, and within the beginning of her career, she even had to experience those disappointments. Still, she did not give up and continued in the same direction with her undying efforts.

Making the way of her own Sayema Sahar is winning hearts.  And, all her fans are there to support her to the best.


  1. I am really a fan of Sayema sahar since past few months and have heard almost every song sung by her since the start of her career. She is truly amazing.

  2. Never ever have i been to Indian movies and songs but since I heard to Sayema sahar, I have truly got addicted to all the Bollywood songs and movies thereby.

  3. Sayema sahar is a living example of how a good singer should be. Even though she has gone through all the hardships in her life, she has achieved some great success in the process while never giving up to circumstances.

  4. Sayema sahar is a name that you can count upon for best quality and melodious Indian songs. She is a singer that has sung more than 500 songs till now.

  5. Every Aspiring singer must take inspiration from Sayema sahar in regards to starting their career in the singing field. She is a true example of success coming with hard work.

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