The Fine Time for gifts for wives on christmas

Forget that female emancipation has meant a weakening of our need for romance and chivalry, we want the man who gives us roses and chocolates, who writes us poems and arrives on a white horse to pick us up at work, but we also want him to know how to wash himself your panties and don’t burn your toast in the toaster.

Now, for all of you men, a little lazy, who don’t write poems, who get there to take to work by bike, and who understand roses and chocolates as the difference between washing machine washes, there is only one simple, effective possibility: give a jewel and choose it in the Nano Jewelry store (or conveniently even online) We present a short list of suggestions to make your gift unique, unforgettable, which will definitely conquer the heart of your sweetheart. As gifts for wives on Christmas you can consider the below suggestions.

The most romantic ways to give a jewel

The romanticism of a gesture lies in its uniqueness: always being romantic is not romantic at all

This maxim is essential: a surprise is such when it is unique, unexpected, linked to a particular moment that can also be insignificant, any day, but one that surprises. This is the true beauty of a gift, which teaches to appreciate it, teaches to attribute real value to it, being unexpected.

Do not flaunt romanticism, it would be annoyingly false, constructed, not genuine. The ingenuity of gifts is a rare but splendid quality. It is romantic to decide to give her a jewel just because you know she likes it. Creating pleasure in someone we love is satisfying, constructive, and makes you feel alive. In you can have the best options there.

Give her a jewel for the realization of her ambition or personal project, to gratify her when you perceive the need in her to feel more pampered, when you want to tease her femininity or give oxygen to her enthusiasm for taking care of herself. Give her a jewel to make her understand that she is the most precious part of yourself. “Poetry. The beauty. Romance. The love. These are the things we continue to live for” (The fleeting moment).

Personalization is synonymous with attention

Women don’t say it but they love careful men. Beware of the trifles of everyday life, their oddities, their favorite pair of underwear, their habit of falling asleep with a book on their stomach, their favorite perfume. Organize a moment that in its uniqueness and particularity makes it clear to you that you know her in her delicate imperfections and extravagances, respect her and therefore love her. Study his passions, and hit his weak point.

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