Randal Benjamin Basketball Drills for Children for Improving Shots

Very few sports enthrall children and teens like basketball. Many of them make it a point to become proficient in playing it. They eagerly participate in competitive matches at the school level. These youngsters hope of making their appearance in one of the prominent teams of NBA tournaments. This is how they intend to attain fame and earn their fortune. However, experts say they have first to develop certain basic techniques and skills. This is why trainers who coach them first introduce them to a number of common drills.  However, they do so gradually and increase the intensity of practice sessions over time. The last thing the instructors want is to strain the muscles of these youngsters.

Randal Benjamin 2 basic basketball drills for children

Randal Benjamin` is a prominent athlete from Las Vegas who has a passion for basketball. He participates in the sport both at the college and professional level. Many people unaware that are also a proficient football player. He even spreads awareness of game among young children and teenagers. On many occasions, he goes out of his way to teach them a few basic techniques. He encourages them to hit the basketball court after school for at least an hour. According to him, this better than spend time on their smartphones or in front of the television. At least, they get to know the importance of physical exercise.

He says most coaches gradually teach children certain basketball skills they need to master. One of them is how to shoot the ball into the net accurately. The objective of these trainers is to perfect these youngsters’ form and improve their ball control. They also pay attention to enhancing the stamina, agility, and speed of these amateur players. To achieve this objective, they introduce the students to the following 2 basic offensive basketball drills:

Offensive Drill 1: Shooting the basketball from different angles

In this exercise, the coach teaches the participants how to shoot the ball into the net from multiple angles. A participant has to stand near the free throw area of the basketball court. He/she has to keep the ball in his/her hands. On the blow of the trainer’s whistle, the youngster dribbles the ball with his/her strongest hand. He/she has to go up to the layup region. Once he/she reaches this section of the court, he/she dribbles back to the initial point. Then he/she takes a free shot at the net. If the player misses on the first attempt, he/she needs to grab the ball on the rebound. After this, he/she should try again.

Offensive Drill 2: How to shoot the ball into the net on the rebound

In this practice session, two participants stand on opposites sides of the basket court. One of them passes the ball to his/her teammate who takes to shot at the net. In case of a miss, the player who took the shoot grabs on the ball on the rebound. He/she then proceeds to pass it one to his/her co-player who then attempts a shot. In this way, both the participants move around different spots of the court.

Randal Benjamin says the above 2 drills go a long way in improving the shooting techniques. However, they should keep practicing such exercises regularly. No one expects to be perfect in the first attempt. They improve their skills over time until they become proficient.

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