Pastor Chris Recounts Day 3 Of His Trip To The Holy Land

For Christians, a tour to the Holy Land is one of the most captivating and exhilarating experiences that they can have. The tours that are generally conducted here are a guide and walk through the Old and New Testament, and give visitors a unique glimpse of the world that Jesus lived through. 

Recently, Pastor Chris Oyakilome decided to visit the Holy Land along with a few of his community members. It was a much-awaited trip for Pastor Chris and a trip that he had meant to make for an incredibly extended period. Being an incredibly spiritual person, Pastor Chris wanted to experience what it was like in the places that have been mentioned in the Bible and wanted to witness the areas where Jesus had performed all of his miracles. 

In a recent article posted on Pastor Chris’ main website, he outlined all that he saw during his trip. One of the articles, in particular, was about his trip to the Tomb of Lazarus. The Tomb of Lazarus is one of the most visited tourist spots located in the Biblical village of Bethany. The small village is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem and sees hoards of people every day who want to see for themselves, the place where Jesus performed one of his most well-known miracles. The site is considered to be incredibly sacred and is one who is revered by people belonging to the Christian faith. 

The tomb belonged to Lazarus, who was the brother of Mary and Martha. Lazarus had died buried according to the traditional burial customs. However, Jesus came to the tomb and demanded that the stone blocking the tomb be removed. Lazarus had been dead for four days, and people around him were skeptical about whether he would truly be alive. Upon removing the stone, the people around realized that Lazarus was indeed alive, and Jesus had just performed one of his miracles with the power of God. Those who bore witness to this went on to pass the testimony of the miracle that Jesus had performed. 

Another place that Pastor Chris made a stop at during his tour was the place where the parable of the Good Samaritan took place. This was the parable in which a man who had fallen on the side of the road was ignored by three, only to be helped out by one faithful person. During this time, Pastor Chris tried to an emphasis on the significance of this site, and the story that it tells. Helping those in need is one of the core foundations of Christianity, and is something that Pastor Chris tries to impart to those who attend his preachings. 

This tour that was made to the Holy Land wasn’t only for Pastor Chris, but for Christians all over the world. The Holy Land Tour was aimed at giving the people a glimpse of the places that were noted down in the Bible, so that hey could grow their faith and believe in the words that Jesus has put down for us. Pastor Chris also wants to use this experience to connect with Christians from all over the world and use this to help them understand the different teachings that are prevalent in the Bible, and how they can apply to the lives that we lead.

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