Gentleman’s guide for the fall season

The fall season has come and with it comes the necessity to bring out the season-appropriate clothes from the wardrobe or to buy something new if you want to keep up with trends. New or old, there are some staple fall clothing items that should not be missing from a gentleman’s wardrobe. If you style them right, you can look absolutely impeccable on any day. Looking good and feeling good will mark a successful transition from one season to the other.


Sweaters are emblematic for the fall season. That’s because they keep us warm and cozy, but also because they are very versatile. You can wear a sweater casually with a pair of jeans and sneakers, but you can also create a dressy outfit with it. It all depends on how you style the sweater. You have many sweater styles that you can choose from. For example, you can choose a crewneck if your style is more casual, you can choose a turtleneck or a V-neck if you want a more classy look. You can wear a thinner, more lightweight sweater and layer it with a blazer or a coat or you can go with the more classic knit sweater with patterns. Knit sweaters with patterns have a more tridimensional feel and they also have a more seasonal look. traditional wool knit Irish sweaters for men are best known for their unique patterns and for their chunky, cozy, and classy look. These are the kind of sweaters that you can wear with no layer on top because it’s a style you want to show off. However, they can still look very stylish if you add a blazer, a jacket, or a coat. The thing is – once you take that layer off, you will still look properly dressed and it won’t feel like something is missing.

Blazers and coats

Blazers are very trendy this season both for casual outfits and for more formal ones. If you want a casual yet refined look, a sweater with a blazer on top will work perfectly. For that, you need a blazer from more lightweight materials, for example, cotton or linen, and with a more simple, unstructured design. Jeans or chinos are the perfect choices for the bottom part of the outfit. For a more formal look, you need a classic blazer, one with clear cut lines and shapes and with shoulder pads. Also, be bold with colors and patterns. This season is all about vibrant color schemes, so don’t be shy to wear something that will stand out. Once the temperature starts to go down, add another layer – the coat. A nice coat is indispensable to a gentleman in the fall season. Leather coats are very fashionable this season because it is a bold and cool timeless look. If you prefer to stick to the tamer tweed or wool coat, choose a sandy color if you want to keep up with the trends. 

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