Drunk Driving Challan in India

Road safety in India has been one of the biggest concerns in our time. We read of numerous road accidents, vehicle thefts and deaths every day in newspapers. While many cases are reported, there are many incidences that go undocumented. Even so, the statistics are bound to send a chill down your spine. As per the latest data available for the years between 2014 and 2018, 2018 saw 4,67,044 total road accidents in the country, out of which 12,018 were due to driving under the influence of alcohol alone, resulting in more than 4,000 people being killed and close to 10,000 people being injured.

It is important that we remember that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is not just fatal to our life, but also to others around us on the road, whether fellow vehicle drivers or pedestrians. Along with that, we must also keep in mind that wherever we may be, there will always be our family and friends, who love us and who will always be waiting for us back home. In order to safeguard people and to stray them away from drinking and driving, the transport ministry of India has made drunk driving a punishable offence. In fact, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offence and can result in incarceration or payment of hefty fines and penalties.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, for a first time offence, you can be imprisoned for up to 6 months, or can end up making an e-challan payment for a fine of Rs. 10,000, or both. For subsequent offences, you can see yourself looking at an imprisonment of 2 years, or a fine of Rs. 15,000, or both. It is important to note that the penalties for drunken driving in India are the same for all classes of vehicles, whether you are driving a two-wheeler, a three-wheeler, a four-wheeler or a commercial vehicle. You can pay the challan issued to you offline at the nearest traffic police station in your area. You can also make the payment for the fines online via the Parivahan Sewa portal. You can pay your e-challan, check vehicle blacklist status RTO information, and can know the vehicle RC details as well on the portal.

In case you are stopped by the traffic police under the suspicion of drunken driving, you will be subjected to a BAC alcohol monitoring test by blowing into a breathalyzer. If the level of alcohol in your blood exceeds 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, then you will be detained and will be proclaimed as driving under the influence of alcohol and will be penalised accordingly. Another point to remember is that if you refuse to undergo the BAC alcohol monitoring test, you can end up getting arrested by the police.

Avoid driving drunk at all costs. If you know you will be drinking, then avoid taking your own vehicle. Either commute by a cab service, or have a sober designated driver be with you to drive the vehicle.

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