Droopy Eyelid Causes – How The Dulles Experts Can Be Your Helping Aid

Droopy eyelids are the result of you feeling tired and unenergetic to do anything else than just lying somewhere. Sometimes, it is caused because of unhealthy habits, which can then accelerate the chances of facial aging. The best way of avoiding the development of ptosis or droopy eyelids is by learning how they are caused. 

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Why Droopy Eyelids 

Many reasons can make your eyes look droopier or tired. They are listed below. 

  • Natural Aging 

Aging is one of the many ways that can make your skin look more tired or droopy. The same goes for the eyelids too. The signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, and so on. The other result of skin aging is droopiness in the eyelids. The reduction in the natural production of collagen can cause this issue. 

  • Rubbing Eyes Excessively 

The constant or even continuous rubbing of eyelids can result in making your eye look droopy or saggy. The muscles that surround the eyes will be stretched to the extent of making your eyes look double-layered. The chances such as itchy eyes, irritants in the eyes, allergies, etc., and many such issues can cause skin droopiness around the eyes. 

  • Exposure to Sun 

Sun exposure is something that can hurt the eyelids. The dangerous sun rays can make the tissues in the dermal layer become stretched or aged. The constant exposure to sun rays can make your eyelids droopy. 

  • Using Contact Lenses 

The constant usage of both soft and hard contact lenses can cause droopy eyelids. The lenses can cause the levator muscles to get stretched whenever you use contact lenses. The resulting factor is eye droopiness. 

  • Changes in the Body Weight 

Sudden reduction in weight or sudden weight gain can make some changes in the epidermal layers throughout the body, including around the eyes. The stretched-out skin requires some time to get back to its normal self and so does a tight skin to stretch. 

Now that you know the chances of droopy eyelids, you can avoid all these above-mentioned factors that can make your skin look droopy around the eyes.

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