There is a lot of tradition associated with the mother of the bride dresses. A lot of people may tend to get confused and mess up the beautiful feeling of dressing up as the bride’s mother. In this article we have compiled the most frequently asked questions associated with the mother of the bride dresses, dos and don’ts and the etiquettes allied with it.

  1. What is the dress buying protocol for mother of the brides?

It is assumed essential for bride’s mother to get her dress first. Then communicate her choice with groom’s mother. The choice of clothes bride’s mother decides on may subtly tend to dictate what groom’s mother will to wear. In a lighter note, this tradition appears like a lost cause and unrealistic. One should play it by ear, be accommodating as it is not a competition.

  1. Is it mandatory that the groom’s mother be informed by the bride’s mother about her choice of dress?

If old school wedding etiquettes to be considered then “YES”, in order to avoid going off the theme, over or under dressing, color clashes and other possible fashion faux pas.  In present times, it may be communicated as a good will but it is certainly not mandatory, especially if you may sound too pushy or bossy. In fact, to avoid any unhealthy situation, the bride herself can subtly pass the details along.

  1. Can the mom sport a strapless ball gown?

There are two perceptions that we should consider in this regard. One being you deserve all the flamboyance and a sexy looking attire to dress up in while the second thought is, what does the bride think about it? Is she comfortable with if mother of the bride dresses tea length, strapless and in a flashy color? If she is supportive then you should opt for it. Else she might be concerned about the “mom” turning heads rather than her own self then drop the idea. Otherwise as well you are not necessarily bound to dress too frumpy or sober at all. Without ruffling any feathers too, you can look all charismatic and classy.

  1. What are the colors that should be avoided by the mother of the bride?

Understandably, colors falling in the family of beige, white, off-white or ivory should be avoided to let the bride stand out. Black in particular as it depicts mourning and red that might appear too overboard or flashy. But the bottom line is, talk to the bride and spring up something that both of you agree upon happily.

  1. Does the mother’s dress color need to match the bridesmaid’s color?

It is absolutely a personal choice to either go by the rule that all the dresses must match. But there are various choices and alternatives one can go with. If not going with an absolute opposite color, may be staying in the same color spectrum will appear more coordinated and well executed. Say, if the bridesmaids are dressing up in baby blues then you can go with navy blue. Otherwise going multi color will also look ravishing.

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