Confused regarding how to prepare for NEET physics? Prepare ONLINE

NEET is one of the toughest examinations of mind conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, India. NEET is the entrance examination to secure admission in one of the governments or private medical colleges of India. By applying for NEET, a student can secure admission on one of the 66000 medical seats across the country. By applying for NEET, a student can also get admission to the dental course. Prior to NEET, All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) was the entrance examination for securing admission in medical and dental courses.

NEET examination is conducted in English as well as nine regional languages of India. The exam duration is three hours, and it is a pen and paper based examination. The syllabus of NEET exam contains three subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Biology and chemistry are the subjects which students can handle efficiently. Physics is the subject which student find difficult while preparing for NEET. The students find it difficult to understand and remember the theories of physics because there are lots of numerical and derivatives to learn.

Online coaching and its benefits

Online coaching is available now due to efficient communication infrastructure. In online coaching, a candidate is given the link of a video with animated graphics. Using animated graphics one can learn physics in a better manner. There are various shortcut tricks provided in graphical format using which a student can memorize tough topics much easily. When a student is preparing for a national examination his/her time is extremely important. Online coaching is a time saver because a student is not supposed to travel and visit a coaching center. Sometimes in the rainy season classes get canceled, and the syllabus is delayed which is not the case with online coaching. When a student opts for online coaching, the person can replay and re-watch the videos according to his/her choice and time.

With online coaching, a student can study at any time of the day, unlike classroom coaching where one is supposed to reach on time and mark the attendance. The studying pattern of every student differs because no student is the same. Some student likes to study early in the morning, and some students like to study late in the night. In online coaching, a student is at liberty to decide what time he wishes to study.

NEET physics courses available online are designed in a way that student needs to refer no other book or material for NEET preparation. The videos like conventional lectures are not an hour long but rather much short and on point. The videos prepared are topic wise and not chapter wise which is an additional benefit. The numerical section has dedicated videos, and it contains tips and tricks as well.

NEET physics courses online are prepared to keep in mind the potential of an average student. The language used in the videos is kept much simple so that every student can understand and learn from the videos.

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