Common Men’s Health Issues to Watch Out For

Living a healthy lifestyle as a man should be your priority. Due to men’s hormones and the nature of work, they are susceptible to various complications that can be upsetting. For instance, injuries, substance abuse, and mental problems threaten men’s health Cary, which should not be overlooked.

Most men have been known to be reluctant to seek medical attention until their health condition has worsened. However, scheduling a consultation with a doctor is vital to keep most illnesses at bay. Below are some common men’s health issues to watch out for.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a danger to men’s life as it is among the leading killer cancers. It kills more compared to combined breast, colon, and prostate cancer. However, due to the reduction in the prevalence of tobacco consumption, lung cancer cases have been declining.

Quitting smoking and being unexposed to asbestos and secondhand smoke, more cases can gradually decrease. You should consult your specialist to learn more about the preventative measures for this life-threatening disease. If detected early, lung cancer is easily treatable and manageable.

Heart Problems

This complication occurs in many forms, from stroke, and heart attack,  to high blood pressure. The most common complication facing men is high blood pressure and stroke. If left untreated, most heart issues can be life-threatening.

A heart specialist calculates your risk of cardiovascular illness based on several factors. Factors such as cholesterol, smoking habit, physical inactivity, and family history are vital in determining vulnerability. Therefore, you should schedule regular visits to your medical provider for checkups.


Being a man, sometimes you find it challenging to disclose your issues with someone else. Men are exposed to several triggers, like nagging jobs, making them prone to stress that can ignite depression. Depression harms men’s health as they can develop suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, and cardiovascular diseases.

Men should incorporate the habit of avoiding daily stressors, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. Also, a physical therapist can provide the appropriate education for coping with common triggers. By managing their mental well-being, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing depression.


Diabetes is one of the popular conditions that have been threatening men’s wellness. Genetics, sedative lifestyle, and other health concerns have played a substantial role in several cases among men. Untreated diabetes can ignite issues such as blindness, kidney damage, and stroke.

Exercise and eating well are some ways to manage your diabetes. Also, consulting a specialist is crucial to examine your sugar level. When you have diabetes, you should find treatment immediately, as unattended diabetes can lead to several complications.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Atherosclerosis is one of the common causes causing many men to have erectile dysfunction. This condition can trigger heart attack and stroke. Doctors consider erectile dysfunction to be an early sign of cardiovascular disease.

Although this condition is not life-threatening, it warns that something is wrong. Erectile dysfunction is common among men over 70 years. It is essential to seek treatment to avoid the negative repercussions that ED can fuel.

As a man, it can be challenging when your health is at its worst and your productivity declines. You should find treatment when you notice abnormal changes in your health. Your doctor will diagnose your overall health and develop a treatment plan to address your condition.

Following your doctor’s recommendation can stimulate your recovery journey. This process can bring your happiness back, and you become strong again as the head of the family. Therefore, it is high time you contact your provider to keep men’s threatening problems at bay.

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