Common Interesting Facts about Clear Aligners You Should Understand

Your smile can tell whether you practice good oral hygiene or not. Therefore, it is vital to work hard to maintain a soothing smile by practicing daily routine care, including brushing and flossing. Also, your smile can improve drastically by incorporating other enhanced procedures, such as clear aligners. Recently, many people have received clear aligners Tomball to enhance their smile. So, you should waste no time and consider getting this orthodontic treatment. Before getting them, you should know the following interesting facts about clear aligners.

Clear Aligners Are Customizable

Unlike braces and other dental devices, clear aligners are custom-made. This feature is the most essential among the facts about clear aligners that should be considered when going in for orthodontic treatments. During one of your initial sessions, your healthcare provider will mold your teeth and create digital 3D of your jaws. This process will help the vendor create a set of aligners customized to meet your needs.

Clear Aligners Boosts Capacity to Brush and Floss

Preserving good dental hygiene is essential during any orthodontic treatment. If you experience a dental concern like gum disease or tooth decay, it can hinder your treatment, making it take longer to complete or impact your results. However, wearing braces can make brushing and flossing complex because you must work around the bracket to ensure you clean all surfaces. Flossing and brushing are simple with clear aligners since you can easily remove them.

 Clear Aligners Are Comfortable

Most metal braces are usually uncomfortable when you wear them. On the other hand, since clear aligners are customized, they fit your jaw structure, making them comfortable when wearing them. These aligners also consist of a thin wall; thus, they do not impact your palette or the inside of your lips. Moreover, they have rounded edges to ensure they do not cut or injure your teeth and gum when inserting or removing them.

Age Cannot Prevent You from Getting Clear Aligners

Over the years, many individuals have viewed aligners as only meant for kids. However, nobody is excluded in straightening their teeth and boosting their smile. Thus nobody is too old to enjoy the benefits of clear aligners. The only factors determining your eligibility for clear aligners include the health of your jaw and present dental complications like periodontal disease. Therefore, you should talk to your dentist before assuming you are not eligible for orthodontic treatment.

Clear Aligners Do Not Hinder You from Enjoying Your Favorite Food

Having the capability to remove clear aligners makes it possible to consume any meal or drink you like. However, if you consider other options like braces, your provider will advise you to quit some sticky and chewy foods. The reason is that they might be trapped between the braces and be complex to eliminate. Even with aligners, the most important thing to consider is eating a balanced diet to prevent tooth decay.

Clear aligners are vital options to boost your overall smile and confidence. This procedure can fix several complications, such as open bites, dental crossbites, crooked teeth, shifted centerlines, and protruding teeth. When done and maintained correctly, clear aligners are long-lasting. You are only responsible for scheduling an appointment with a dentist to get started. So, nothing should prevent you from restoring or getting the dental health you have been dreaming of. Your orthodontic specialist will also discuss facts and myths you need to understand about this procedure.

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