Check Out These Historical Sites in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is an incredible city with a long history and a connection to industries that have come and gone throughout the years.  Whether you’re interested in iron history or you’re more curious about Civil Rights, you’ll find a museum that will let you go into depth on the subject.

These are the top historical sites in Birmingham that everyone should visit! 

Vulcan Park and Museum

When you need a break from the stress of looking for Birmingham homes for sale and want to do something more interesting, it’s time to stop and check out Vulcan Park and Museum!  

Home to the largest cast iron statue in the world, this park is a gorgeous area that offers the most interesting intersection of art and history.  The 56-foot tall figure shows the Roman god Vulcan, the overseer of the forge and fire.  Built to honor the iron industry that put this city on the map, it’s among America’s tallest statutes of its kind.

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

The industrial and rough-looking exterior of this old iron-producing blast furnace shouldn’t fool you!  The interior is a chance to connect with the art of the area and understand the importance of industrialization to modern life.  This serves as a museum of industry and hosts a nationally recognized metal arts program.  You can even go to concerts and festivals here! 

Birmingham Museum of Art

Art is one of the most important parts of daily life, and the Birmingham museum of art gives you a chance to walk through this incredible history and connect to it.   Offering collections and pieces across countless cultures and centuries, you can feel connected to endless experiences while also enjoying beautiful man-made pieces.

McWane Science Center

Although most history buffs may not think a science museum has much to do with their interest, the McWane Science Center does!  This awesome museum allows you to explore the history of science and what got us here today while also introducing kids to endangered species and broadening their worldview.  This is a must-stop destination for families who want to inspire the joy of learning and exploring the world.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The hard fight for Civil Rights is one that continues to this day.  Birmingham has made itself known as a center point of that struggle.  Although its best known for the changes it helped instill in the 1950s and 1960s, this city is still as active in the movement as of 2022.

This museum opened in 1992 and explores the history of Civil Rights, what it means to the people who fought for them, and how much further we still have to go.  This is a must-stop location for any history fan who wants a better understanding of this awesome movement.

Birmingham is Full of History

Whether you’re in town for a weekend and want to explore some history, or you’re moving here, and you need to know the area better, there’s a lot to learn and see in Birmingham.  Consider stopping at one of these landmarks soon!

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