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Several lottery tickets are available in the world, and it is also noticed that every country has its own kind of specialized lottery services. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most famous kind of lottery ticket services, and those are 4d Singapore, not only that we are also going to have a look at 4d result today Singapore, which means along with the information about this lottery in Singapore we are also going to have a look at the latest results of this lottery.

All About 4D Singapore-

4D Singapore is one of the biggest and most famous lottery ticket services, as its name is 4D. This depicts four digits, which states that you would be able to get the results by choosing the correct four-digit numbers in the list.

If you want to play this game, then you would have to choose a four-digit number, which will range from 0000 to 9999. The minimum bet per game participation is 1 Singapore dollar. In every drawing, there’ll be 23 sets of winning numbers chosen. These numbers are divided into 5 distinctive prize categories. Anyone who has placed a back the respective 4-digit number will claim a prize.

There are several bet possibilities, which makes 4D in Singapore somewhat different from other lotteries and a touch more confusing.

A small bet allows players to win a prize as long as their number appears within the top 3 winning categories. An enormous bet allows the player to say a prize when their number appears in any of the five prize categories for the respective drawing.

Other than the large and, therefore, the small bet, there also are ordinary and system entries. Within the case of a daily entry, the player will win if their number matches the winning number within the same order. Through a system entry, a player can choose a much more significant number of combinations. This increases the chances of claiming a prize, but the entry becomes costlier. For a system entry, a player will need to play 24 Singapore dollars for the 24 possible combinations, which will be created out of 4 digits chosen.

Tickets for 4D, also because the other lotteries being offered by Singapore Pools, are often purchased at one among the over 300 retail venues or via the official Singapore Pools lottery website. Betting by phone is another convenient possibility.

Keep in mind that specific numbers can sell out for the respective drawing. There’s a limit on the amount of times a 4-digit combination are often chosen. If this ever happens, the player are going to be informed (either at the retail venue or via the web platform), and that they are going to be asked to settle on an other 4-digit number.

A bet amount also can reach a sales limit for the draw. During this case, the player will need to place a special bet to participate.

4D Result Today Singapore

Here is the 4D result today Singapore-

  • On 12 February 2020-
  • 1st Prize- 8 1 8 4
  • 2nd Prize- 9 6 1 1
  • 3rd Prize- 2 9 9 9

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