3 Tips to Help You Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be unappealing and cause discomfort, making you scratch yourself, especially on the chin, bikini line, or armpit. Manual shaving of undesired hair can irritate the skin and cause an issue like razor bumps. New York laser hair removal is a solution that can help remove unwanted hair for an extended time.

Laser treatment for hair removal involves targeting a laser beam to the area with a lot of stubborn hair. The laser beam passes the hair shaft and the skin to reach the hair follicles.

The heating up of the melanin leads to the destruction of hair follicles. Without hair follicles, hair growth is inhibited. Waxing and shaving usually do not destroy your hair roots or follicles; hair usually grows back.

Laser hair removal is beneficial because it allows control of the intensity of the heat exposed to your skin.

Also, the laser beam is not painful and can be focused on a small area to make it more effective. Below are tips to help you prepare well and improve the outcome of laser treatment for hair removal.

1. Safeguard against intense sun exposure

Normally, a healthy dose of the sun is important for providing your body with vitamin D. That vitamin helps stimulate the development of new hair roots or follicles and enables your hair’s growth.

However, excess exposure to the sun can be detrimental to your skin and impair the effectiveness of laser treatment. Laser beams can damage your tanned skin and be ineffective in removing sun-bleached hair.

Because laser beams can destroy the area with excess hair, avoid exposing your skin to the sun before treatment. Also, safeguard your skin against intense sunlight in the first few weeks after laser hair removal.

2. Avoid other methods of removing hair

Avoid removing the hair you do not want about a month before you undergo laser treatment. Electrolysis and conventional hair removal methods, such as waxing and plucking, can distress hair roots. As a result, it can make removing hair through laser beams challenging or ineffective.

Still, your doctor can recommend that you trim or shave your hair about 24 hours before laser treatment. That can assist in eradicating the hair available on your skin surface and thus avoid the effects of charred hair. Trimming or shaving your hair will not interfere with the health of the hair root.

3. Do not use some medications

A laser hair removal specialist can recommend not using certain medications before treatment. Avoid medicines that discourage inflammation or reduce the ability of your body’s system to make clots.

The hair the laser beam heats and destroys takes time before eventually falling out. You will require about ten treatment sessions for hair removal to work as desired. Remember, it takes stages for you to grow or lose your hair. The sections treated by laser can take months and years before witnessing new hair growth. The newly growing hair will be fine and light in color.

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