Bid on a Signed Alexander Skarsgård True Blood Script!

In honor of  Alexander Skarsgård’s (Eric Northman) birthday, the ladies at  Alexander Skarsgå are auctioning off one of Alex’s personal True Blood scripts. The one currently up on the auction block is from season 4, episode 8 “Spellbound.” The episode was written by True Blood creator Alan Ball and includes the Eric and Sookie (Anna Paquin) love […]

Will True Blood’s Alcide and Debbie Make it to Season 5?

True Blood's Alcide Herveaux and Debbie Pelt in season 4

Joe Manganiello’s character on True Blood, Alcide Herveaux, is dark, brooding, incredibly handsome, and not so lucky in love. Sure, he’s currently dating Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), but after how last Sunday’s episode “Spellbound” ended, it’s safe to say that he and Debbie are headed for another rough patch. Manganiello chatted with Digital Spy this […]

Photos: New True Blood Season 4 Stills Released


Fresh True Blood Season 4 stills have been released from HBO. Below you’ll find photos from this past Sunday’s episode Spellbound as well as future episodes. Enjoy! Source:– “True Blood Season 4: Images” Image Credit: HBO, Inc.     Tweet

True Blood Season 4 Video: Inside the Episode Spellbound

True Blood Waiting Sucks June Promo Pic HBO

Spellbound was full of great romance, great loss, and the war between the witches and the vampires started. But now we are invited inside the episode by creator and writer of Spellbound Alan Ball and director Daniel Minahan as they discuss what happened in a new True Blood season 4 video installment of Inside the […]

True Blood Season 4 Video: 4.08 Spellbound Recap

true blood logo

Blood bonds, graveyard wars, love lost, and love denied was par for the course in this week’s installment of True Blood. Catch up with everything that happened in this episode with the HBO True Blood season 4 video recap of Spellbound. Watch below: Ep. 44 – Recap Source:– “Watch the Season 4 Episode 44 Recap.” […]

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers: Spellbound’s War Sees Love and Loss

True_Blood_Season_4_Episode_2_2-1270-800-600-80 John P Johnson HBO

Tonight the witches and vampires will go to war according to new True Blood Season 4 spoilers released by Boston’s Love that TV Blog. The eighth installment of the season, “Spellbound” sees Marnie/Antonia (Fiona Shaw) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) facing off in a cemetery. Peace is Bill’s goal however things become violent between the two […]

True Blood Season 4 Videos: Spellbound Clips, Marnie, Tara, Bill, Alcide, Debbie

alcide and debbie

It’s Thursday again Truebies and I have some brand new True Blood Season 4 video clips of this Sunday’s episode, “Spellbound.” Each of the three clips depicts the war against the witches from the point of view of the different species so to speak. The first clip is from the witches and is a scene […]

True Blood Season 4 Video: 4.08 Spellbound Promo

spellbound bill

Well Truebies, the east coast has just seen the sheer craziness that abounds in Cold Grey Light of Dawn and now we’re looking forward to next week’s episode, Spellbound. Marnie (Fiona Shaw) put out the call to war and now the vampires have to fight and survive. Watch just how they intend to do that […]

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers: Episode Descriptions for Episodes 7-10

True_Blood_Season_4_Episode_2_2-1270-800-600-80 John P Johnson HBO

Recently, we reminded everyone of the episode descriptions for episodes 1-6 that we posted a little over a month ago by re-posting them using a different source. Today however, we got a second round of episode descriptions from the IMDB boards for episodes 7-10; Cold Grey Light of Dawn, Spellbound, Run, and Burning Down the […]

True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 Casting Call

A new casting call has been sent out for three minor characters for True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 which is titled “Spellbound“.  Although this casting call unfortunately doesn’t give anything away it is still great to get small glimpses into how shooting of Season 4 is going. Virgil – a 35 year old handsome […]

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