True Blood’s Todd Lowe Talks About Terry’s Death and What’s Next For Him

Wow last night’s episode of True Blood really ran through all the emotions.  There was some comedy and some awesome lines throughout, there was another epic True Blood killing when Bill ripped off Governor Burrell‘s head and then of course there was the big death that had been teased since filming of the season began. […]

Videos: Comic Con 2013 True Blood Panel Coverage


Happy Sunday Truebies! While you anxiously await a brand new episode of True Blood tonight, I have the Comic Con 2013 True Blood panel coverage you’ve been waiting for! The panel kicked off yesterday afternoon in Ballroom 20 moderated by Kate Hahn of TV Guide and featured Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), showrunner Brian Buckner, Ryan Kwanten […]

Comic Con 2013: True Blood In the Weeks Ahead Part II Trailer

Sookie Weeks Ahead Trailer SDCC

If you couldn’t be with us at Comic Con 2013 never fear HBO and True Blood Fan Source have you covered. While you’re waiting for our footage from today’s True Blood panel, treat yourself to a look at the True Blood In the Weeks Ahead Trailer Part II which was shown at the start of […]

Rutina Wesley Would Stand In Line To See Jem and the Holograms

With San Diego Comic Con underway (make sure to keep checking the site as we will have full ‘True Blood’ coverage) there will be a lot of people standing in line just to see a few panels.  VH1 had the pleasure of talking to Rutina Welsey (Tara Thornton) before she went down to Comic Con […]

Video: True Blood Episode 66 Don’t You Feel Me Preview Clip

It looks like we are only going to get one extra preview for this Sunday’s episode of True Blood called ‘Don’t You Feel Me‘.  In this clip Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) signs up for the LAVTF and draws on his knowledge of the vampires he’s had to fight to impress the recruiting officer.  Enjoy! Ep. 66 Clip: […]

Rob Kazinsky Says We Can Expect “Bad, Bad Things” From Ben/Warlow

True Blood‘s Rob Kazinsky (Ben/Warlow) attended the premiere of his film ‘Pacific Rim’ recently and he spoke to The Independent about the movie, the hit HBO show, and what to expect from Ben/Warlow.  First up he reveals that they are still shooting for Season 6 and says he has to rush off after the premiere and […]

Updated! Comic Con 2013: Complete True Blood Coverage

true blood logo

Update: Links to our coverage are now live below! With Comic Con 2013 kicking off tomorrow, here is a list of True Blood related events that will be occurring at SDCC. I will try to attend as many of these events as I can. So far the schedule seems to be working out well. Thursday […]

Video: Rutina Wesley Talks Tara’s Feelings for Pam and the Funeral

Season 6 of True Blood has been fast paced with many different stories going in all kinds of directions, but the war against vampires seems to be the core of the season.  In last nights episode Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) had to voluntarily put themselves in that horrible vampire prison/research facility in […]

Rob Kazinsky Talks About Ben and Warlow

After this week’s episode of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ it seems the only thing we can talk about is how Rob Kazinsky’s character Ben is more then just a faerie.  His character is a hybrid that we thought would never happen…a faerie-vampire!  Not only is he part vampire but he is also Warlow. On the red […]

Rob Kazinsky Talks to Collider about True Blood and Pacific Rim

With season six of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ in full swing it seems like we can’t get enough of the show.  We have Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) getting ready to fight Warlow.  We also have the little Bill came up from the pool of blood issue and now we have a new character […]

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