True Blood Writer Raelle Tucker Pitched Sookie’s Death

Raelle Tucker Inside ep 3

Before the tagline “No One Lives Forever” started off True Blood’s 6th season, fans of the show were relatively certain that established and leading characters on the series would continue to go on. After season 6 however we learned that no one is indeed safe. Speaking on a panel at the Rio Film Festival this […]

Jurnee Smollett Joining Parenthood Season 5

Jurnee Smollett (Nicole Wright) will be giving up Bon Temps, LA for Berkeley, CA this fall. The actress is slated to join Parenthood’s fifth season in a reoccurring role according to a report from TV Line.  The report states that she will be playing a political dynamo: Smollett will play Heather Hall, a smart, feisty, […]

Video: Rutina Wesley Talks with Access Hollywood About Tara Thornton

Season 5 marked a very significant change for Rutina Wesley and her character Tara Thornton. Tara struggled to accept her new role as a vampire under her maker Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) at first. But throughout the season, fans saw Tara not only begin to accept what she had become but also have a […]

Review: True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season

Photo May 01, 8 19 25 PM

Last year HBO Home Entertainment shook up its annual True Blood season release by offering a Blu-ray combo pack which consists of a full physical set of the season on Blu-ray with all of the extras, two DVD discs containing the full season, and a voucher for a digital copy from a provider of your […]

Video: Jessica Clark Discusses True Blood Season 6

Jessica Clark Huff Post Live

Actress Jessica Clark (Lilith) was on HuffPost Live recently to discuss True Blood season 6. Like the rest of her castmates however, Clark remained very tight-lipped about season specific details. But she did reveal what it was like to play a vampire goddess. Apparently being covered in blood all day long means that you stick […]

Roman’s Death Makes 10 Most Shocking Television Deaths of 2012 List


Shocking Truebies is hard. Death, sex, nudity, and violence has become commonplace on True Blood. So to really surprise fans, the show had to do something we couldn’t possibly see coming. Roman’s (Christopher Meloni) death was the thing to do it which is why it made Rolling Stone’s 10 Most Shocking  Television Deaths of 2012 […]

RomaFictionFest 2012: Photos and Videos of the True Blood Cast

Alexander Skarsgard Valentina Cervi Kristin Bauer Romafictionfest 2012 Elizabetta A. Villa Getty Images 2

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Swynford de Beaufort), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman), and Valentina Cervi (Salome) were at RomaFictionFest 2012 last night for a screening of the True Blood season 5 premiere. The trio were snapped on the pink carpet and caught video of them signing and posing for pictures with fans. Plus Valentina and Kristin […]

UK Truebies Can Download True Blood Season 5 Day After Airing


UK Truebies are just one week away from sinking their teeth into the goodness that is True Blood season 5! While it undoubtedly has sucked having to wait more than three months for the new season, fans will be getting an extra perk we here in the US don’t yet have. The blog Seen It […]

Alan Ball Reveals Why True Blood Didn’t Go Ahead with Sookie and Alcide

Alcide and Sookie

Sookie and Alcide, played by Anna Paquin and Joe Manganiello respectively were spied getting hot and heavy during episode 5.05 Boot and Rally this season. But in one of the more memorable episode openers, Sookie throws up on Alcide’s shoes pretty much signaling the end of any action between them for the rest of the […]

Dragon Con 2012: True Blood Panel Day 3 Photos and Videos

DSC02558 small

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) returned for one final panel yesterday at Dragon Con 2012. This panel was held over at the Hyatt Hotel across from the Marriott, the location of the last two panels, which meant this writer had to make a […]

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