Carolyn Hennesy Returning to Popular Daytime Show

Carolyn Hennesy, who played Authority member Rosalyn on HBO‘s True Blood, is returning to her roots.  Hennesy announced on her Twitter account that she will be returning to General Hospital and reprising her role as Diane. She also used her Twitter account to express her condolences at the passing of her General Hospital co-star John […]

Carolyn Hennesy Talks To TVTango

This season Carolyn Hennesy (Rosalyn Harris) joined the cast of True Blood has a Vampire Authority Chancellor.  She was nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions TVTango had for her about the new season.  So why was her character selected to become part of the vampire authority? […]

Carolyn Hennesy Chats About Rosalyn and Season 5 Stakes

Carolyn Hennesy joins True Blood season 5

Season 5 of True Blood premieres in less than a month and many new members of the cast are making the rounds, chatting about their characters and giving out a few morsels of gossip. Carolyn Hennesy joined the season 5 cast this year to play Rosalyn Harris, a “man’s man” vamp member of the Authority. […]

True Blood Season 5 Video Vampyr Tease

Christopher Meloni as Roman

Just when you thought we might not get a look at True Blood this week, HBO publishes this True Blood Season 5 Video Vampyr Tease which you can view below. On the heels of the brand new stills that were released yesterday, we get to meet a lot of new characters in the Authority this tease […]

Introducing Carolyn Hennessy

As we get closer to the premiere of season 5 of True Blood, fans far and wide are eagerly awaiting teasers, spoilers or a glimpse of anything that will tell us what’s in store for this year’s season. Today, we’ve finally got a new teaser with the introduction of Carolyn Hennessy who will be playing […]

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