Deborah Ann Woll Talks Jessica’s Ending with the Hollywood Reporter

Jessica 7x10 HBO

Were you surprised at the way things ended up turning out for Jessica in the True Blood series finale? Deborah Ann Woll, the actress behind Jessica expressed her own surprise during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter posted after the finale. For her part, Deborah thought that Jessica might end up with Jason (Ryan Kwanten). But […]

Alexander Skarsgård Speaks with E! Online About True Blood and The Giver

Pam and Eric 7x06

Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) recently chatted with E! Online about the end of True Blood and his new movie The Giver while in London shooting Tarzan. With True Blood set to officially end tomorrow with the airing of the series finale entitled, “Thank You,” Skarsgård reflected on the emotions surrounding wrapping the series and what […]

Video: Kristin Bauer van Straten Discusses The End of True Blood


In a very sweet interview posted this week on AOL UK by Splash News, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Swynford de Beaufort) talked about Pam’s growth over the series and the end of True Blood. The interview took an understandably emotional turn when discussing the end of the HBO series. But the interview was one […]

Jim Parrack on Hoyt’s Return and Saving the Day

Hoyt 7x08

Jim Parrack recently did an interview with Vulture to discuss Hoyt Fortenberry’s return to Bon Temps, his heroic actions in last night’s episode, and what the character has been up to since he left for Alaska at the end of season 5. When Maxine Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) met her death at the beginning of this […]

Comic Con 2014 Video: EW Interviews True Blood Cast

Carrie Nelsan Nathan Kristin Anna EW Comic Con 2014 Interview

At Comic Con 2014, Entertainment Weekly interviewed Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Nathan Parsons (James) Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Sywnford de Beaufort), and Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin). In the interview, Carrie talked a little bit about finally getting to do “True Blood” things and Kristin discussed how many times she actually […]

Video: Anna Paquin on Late Night with Seth Myers

Anna Paquin Seth Myers SEason 7 interview

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers this week to promote the final episodes of True Blood. As always, Anna gave a wonderful interview and discussed wrapping the series. She revealed to Myers that on her last day, the lights were shut off in her trailer so she had to dress in […]

Tara Buck Opens Up with Entertainment Weekly About Ginger


The latest installment of True Blood season 7 was a gift to the fans. Part of that gift was learning all about Ginger’s (Tara Buck) past. It turns out that the long time Fangtasia bar maid started out as a vampire obsessed college student who eventually came up with the concept of Fangtasia. Pam (Kristin […]

Charlaine Harris Talks with Access Hollywood About Alcide’s Death

Joe Manganiello and Charlaine Harris Getty

Charlaine Harris recently talked with Access Hollywood about the death of her beloved character Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello, on the latest episode of True Blood. Harris is no stranger to killing off characters in her books. Many Bon Temps residents met the true death by the time her Southern Vampire Mystery novels ended […]

Video: Anna Camp on Glamping and Sarah Newlin

Anna Camp TV Line Glamping Season 7

Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin) spoke to TV Line this week while glamping as part of a new promotional contest being sponsored by Skinny Cow. In the video interview below, Camp discusses whether Sarah Newlin would ever go camping or glamping, how she reacted to her character’s new hair color, current circumstances on True Blood, and […]

Joe Manganiello Talks About Alcide on True to the End

Alcide True Blood Season 7 First Photo HBO

Joe Manganiello’s Alcide Herveaux met his true death in the woods of Bon Temps during the final minutes of Fire in The Hole. The unexpected death shocked fans across the internet including me! In an interview on HBO’s True to the End website, Joe talked about Alcide’s death, his favorite moments from the show, souvenirs […]

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