Sons of Anarchy Almost Got a Waitress and a Vampire

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer True Blood Season 7 Premiere Axelle Bauer Griffin 21

Who knew that the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy was this close to getting our favorite vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and the waitress we always wanted Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)? It sure sounds like it was almost a done deal when Moyer spoke to EW when he even said what their character’s would be. […]

Lauren Bowles to Guest Star on Mom

Lauren Bowles (Holly Cleary) is returning to the small screen November 4th on CBS’ Mom. According to a press release from CBS, Lauren will be playing the role of Mary. Mary and her husband Nathan are the parents of Luke. The couple is described as conservative and they will be facing off against Christy, played by […]

Carrie Preston to Guest on The Following

Carrie Preston New Now Next Awards 2013 Getty

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) will be seen on the Following when it returns to Fox for its second season. E! Online reports that the serial killer drama will have Preston taking the role of Joe Carroll’s most devoted groupie Judy. She is equated with being the Penny Lane of groupies and since Joe, played by […]

Anna Camp to Guest Star on How I Met Your Mother

 Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin) is about to trade in her former reverend wife from hell for a wedding guest from hell. Camp is slated to guest star on How I Met Your Mother for 1 episode so far. Originally intended for the Office actress Ellie Kemper, Anna will play Cassie, an attractive, available, an unfortunate […]

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 6×06 Title and Guest Star Information

tb fan source spoiler6

Spoiler TV has released more True Blood season 6 spoilers about episode 6×06. At the beginning of the month, we posted a casting call for a new vampire named Wes. But other than some character specifics, nothing was released about the episode itself until today. The title of the episode is called, “Don’t You Feel […]

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: 6×05 Title and Casting, Alcide’s Love Life

True Blood season 4 spoilers

Spoiler TV and E! Online’s Watch With Kristin Team have provided us with even more True Blood season 6 spoilers! First up, SpoilerTV has the episode title for 6×05 as well as some casting information for guest stars and reoccurring roles. The title is  F*** the Pain Away. Finn is a middle aged prison psychiatrist who will […]

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 6×01 Guest Star Being Sought

tb fan source spoiler6

This just in from SpoilerTV! More True Blood season 6 spoilers regarding the season premiere have come to light. Apparently a guest star is being sought! A character named Ms. Suzuki is set to be featured in the episode but only for one day of shooting. See the full description and speculation from SpoilerTV below: […]

True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 6×03 Title and Details Revealed!

tb fan source spoiler6

Spoiler TV has posted new True Blood season 6 spoilers today regarding episode 6×03! The title of the episode will be called, “Rock Hard Times” and from the description of the guest stars slated to appear in the episode, there seems to be a flashback or two in it. The main guest starring role calls […]

Denis O’Hare to Go From King to Clergyman on SVU

With another year at its end, it’s time to look forward to new things on the horizon! It was published this month by TV Guide that Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) will be appearing in his seventh episode in a series franchise that’s been around since the early 90’s.? You may have seen O’Hare guest star as […]

Adina Porter to Guest on Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

Another True Blood cast member will be checking into Grey’s Anatomy this year! Adina Porter (Letty Mae Thornton) has also starred on the Aaron Sorkin HBO drama The Newsroom as Kendra. A report from TV Guide says that Porter will be playing Dr. Ramsey who will appear in the second episode of the season. The […]

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