Photos: True Blood Season 7 Premiere Part I

The cast and crew of True Blood with invited guests celebrated the True Blood Season 7 Premiere last night in Los Angeles. Today I have gorgeous photos for you or at least the first part of them! Scroll through the photos below for pictures of Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa Burrell), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), Stephen […]

Review: True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season

I spend most of my time on this website surrounded by True Blood and I am to a certain extent. But every year for the past six years, I have had to leave Bon Temps at the end of summer. While I write about many things related to the show, I don’t feel like I […]

Photos: Carrie Preston on Person of Interest


Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) is reprising her role as Grace Hendricks on Person of Interest for episode 3.21 “Beta” which airs tomorrow night on CBS at 10:01PM. She plays the former fiancee of Finch played by her real life husband Michael Emerson. According to, Grace is being used to lure Finch out of hiding […]

Photos: Ryan Kwanten and Carrie Preston in Bello Magazine

Over the weekend, we learned that Ryan Kwanten and Carrie Preston will be in Bello Magazine. The actors, who play Jason Stackhouse and Arlene Fowler respectively will appear in the June and May 2014 issues of the publication. Most recently Bello Magazine featured Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) in their January 2014 issue. Deborah Ann Woll […]

Photos: Carrie Preston at the Humane Society of The United States Gala

Carrie Preston and James Cromwell Humane Society of The United States Gala Jason Merritt Getty

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) was at the Human Society of the United States 60th Annual Gala on Saturday in Los Angeles. She presented actor James Cromwell with a lifetime achievement award for his work to help promote the protection of animals and she looked great doing it. Check out all of the photos of Carrie […]

Audio: Carrie Preston Interviewed by the Global Dispatch

Carrie Preston Gabriel Olsen HBO Looking Premiere 2

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) recently chatted with the Global Dispatch about True Blood season 7. The interview comes just weeks after fellow cast member Amelia Rose Blaire was interviewed by the outlet. In the interview below, Carrie talks about Arlene’s love life, the experience of working with the rest of the cast, and more. Listen […]

Photos: Carrie Preston and Adina Porter at Veep Season 3 Premiere

Carrie Preston and Adina Porter who play Arlene Fowler and Lettie Mae Thornton on True Blood respectively, attended the Veep Season 3 Premiere this week in Los Angeles. The two actresses came out to celebrate the premiere for the HBO political comedy centering around Vice-President Selina Meyer. They were all smiles on the red carpet […]

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Carrie Preston Dishes About New Love


E! Online had some True Blood season 7 spoilers for us in yesterday’s spoiler chat. Ever since we learned that Carrie Preston’s Arlene Fowler would be getting a new love interest in the form of vampire Keith (Riley Smith), I’ve wondered just how open Arlene might become. Carrie agrees! Dev: Give me something to sink […]

Carrie Preston Interviewed About Good Wife Return

Carrie Preston The Good Wife 3.16.14 episode CBS

Carrie Preston’s (Arlene Fowler) Elsbeth Tascioni is going to return to The Good Wife this Sunday. E! Online recently caught up with the actress to discuss Elsbeth’s run in with the Lockhart/Gardner crew at an American Bar Association Conference in New York City. The episode is entitled, “A Few Words,” which is appropriate given that […]

Video: Carrie Preston Looking for Home for Recorded Lives Pilot

Recorded Lives Pilot Shot Daisy 3 Pictures

Carrie Preston’s (Arlene Fowler) production company Daisy 3 Pictures has produced a new pilot entitled Recorded Lives. She also acts in it! Directed by Guy Shalem, Recorded Lives follows five different people recording their daily lives through cell phone videos. These videos help capture the dramatic moments that unfold in a very realistic way. Carrie […]

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