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True Blood Fan Source.com herein referred to as TBFS is a fan website. It is run by an indvidual who has no relationship what so ever with True Blood, HBO, the cast, crew, or creators.  This fan website is in no way affiliated with HBO, True Blood, the cast, the crew, or creators. We have no contact with any representatives of HBO, True Blood, the cast, the crew, or the creators of the show nor are we representatives of said individuals. Nothing that is written or verbalized on this website necessarily reflects the views of the parties mentioned above.

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Should this site reach a point where it has the potential to generate a profit while it is being run, this disclaimer as well as the rest of the site will be updated to reflect that. However as of this writing this site does not generate a profit.

The owner and authors of TBFS.com are committed to responsible journalism. This means we will only use reputable sites as sources for any media or articles. We will not engage in posting any articles or media from gossip websites or post any photographs from paparazzi photographers and media organizations. We will also not comment on the personal lives of those involved with the show.  We feel very strongly that this violates the privacy of the cast, crew, and creators of True Blood and we will do our part to ensure that their right to privacy remains intact.

The photographs, videos, and other media that has appeared on this site and will appear on this site in the future do not belong to this website. We lay no claim to anything of that nature that we post, recognizing that all media in any form relating to True Blood belongs to HBO, Inc. They hold the copyright and the site owner recognizes that and will cite it with every piece of media that is used on our site that originates from them. All sources and other media will be given proper credit at the bottom of every page or post. This includes Getty, Wire Image, Contact Music etc…

Any media that appears on this site belonging to a fan or to True Blood Fan Source owners or staff,  belongs to the person who took it and may not be taken without express written permission. The same applies to written editorials, exclusive interviews, or exclusive content. It is the property of True Blood Fan Source and may not be reproduced without permission.

If at any time, an article or piece of media is miss credited, we will rectify this mistake when we see it or if it is brought to our attention. The same applies if anything posted on this website is incorrect in any way, shape, or form. It is not our intention to misrepresent True Blood, the cast, crew, or creators in any way. We will be more than happy to correct any mistakes that have been made or remove something that has been posted incorrectly upon noticing or being contacted.

This website has been created because we love True Blood and have a genuine respect for everyone associated with it.  With this website, we seek to contribute to the True Blood fan community in only the most positive way. As such, we will not post anything negative about the show, the cast, crew or creators. Any comments on posts made on the site do not reflect the views of the site’s owners. However anything defamatory against the parties mentioned above written in comments on this site will be removed. Gossip about the personal lives of the cast, crew, or creators will also not be tolerated in comments or posts.

This disclaimer also belongs to TBFS.com and may not be reproduced without permission. It is also subject to change at any time.

In summation, the owner and writers of TBFS.com own nothing and  don’t lay claim to anything posted or discussed on this website other than what is explicitly stated and exempt above. So please don’t sue us.


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