About True Blood Fan Source

True Blood Fan Source.com was launched in 2011 by Jaimie Dalton and Shanea O’Connor. The two met as writers for another True Blood fan site. They departed the site together due to a change in circumstances but found themselves with a desire to still write about the HBO series. True Blood Fan Source was launched soon after, conceived as a small wordpress.com blog dedicated to writing about the latest True Blood news and they hoped that a few people outside of their friends and family would read it.

Today, True Blood Fan Source.com has gone from a small blog to a small but well run site bringing fans of HBO’s True Blood up to the minute news, spoilers, and videos about the show.  As the site continues to progress, True Blood Fan Source remains committed to bringing fans of True Blood the best news, spoilers, photos, and videos from only the best sources. This along with their mission to maintain good relations with everyone in the True Blood fan community contributes to their continued desire to have a positive impact on the internet.

This positive impact and professional demeanor has enabled True Blood Fan Source to be noticed across the internet. This notice has attracted the attention of public relations professionals and of major entertainment events throughout the year. The site’s ability to promote the show, cast/crew/staff, and various products in a professional, positive and respectful manner has allow its staff to attend events such as the ATX Television Festival, Comic Con International, and Chicago Comic Con as press.

True Blood Fan Source began as a fan site. However it has since evolved into much more. It is now a part of Shanea O’Connor Media and has expanded to include sister site, Television Source.net

Shanea O’Connor (Owner and Co-Founder)

Shanea O’Connor lives in San Francisco, CA.  A native of the city, she became involved in theatre at a very young age thanks to the abundant opportunities for the arts. Throughout her adolescence and into college she pursued roles on stage and off directing, stage managing, and working behind the scenes. Her experience helped her excel academically during the four years she spent formally studying theatre during which time she aimed to be a director. Faced with the lack of an undergraduate directing program at her university, Shanea found herself left with the decision of whether to pursue an acting emphasis or a technical one. Unenthused by either option, she took a class in International Relations and the rest is history. She graduated with her BA in International Relations in 2010 and is currently working on an MA in the same subject.

Shanea loves to laugh, has a dark sense of humor, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Which is why no matter how many serious academic papers she writes, she will always consider herself more of an actor than an academic. After switching to international relations however, she found that she lacked a creative outlet. She stumbled upon fan websites for True Blood after Season 3 even though she has been a loyal viewer since Season 1 (She found Charlaine’s books after Season 2). After joining the site where she met Jaimie, she soon discovered that writing for a fan website combined her ability to write well and have it be about something she has a passion for was exactly what she needed.

When Shanea isn’t writing about True Blood, she keeps herself busy running True Blood Fan Source, Television Source.net, and Shanea O’Connor Media like well-oiled machines. But her day job is as an office manager in the home health care agency run by her family. She is also a major tech geek which means that when she’s not working on the site, she is most likely helping friends and family with their technical issues. She also loves her iPhone, her myriad of electronics, and has a thing for purses.  You can find her on Twitter or contact her through this website.

Jaimie L. Dalton (Co-Founder/Writer)

Jaimie Dalton lives in Toronto, Ontario with her two children and a nephew that she is raising.  In her day job she is a Trade-mark Agent and has been practicing Intellectual Property Law for almost 12 years.  In university she studied Political Science with a focus on International Relations and minored in Women’s Studies.  After working as an assistant for a few years she decided to take her career one step further and pursue her Trade-mark Agent certificate.

Jaimie reads a wide array of books from political to romance and was first introduced to the True Blood world by way of Charlaine Harris’ novels.  On the recommendation of a friend she began reading the series and quickly became immersed in the world.  At the time she was not aware True Blood existed and stumbled upon it after Season 1 had been released on DVD.  While researching True Blood she came across a fan site for the show and volunteered to help with social networking.  Eventually she became a writer for the site and was introduced to Shanea.  After leaving the site, both her and Shanea were not prepared to give up their love of the show and their interest in bringing the best True Blood news to the fans.  Although the two have not met in person, they have developed a close friendship that has allowed them to work well together in creating True Blood Fan Source.

Between her kids, her love of reading, scrapbooking and working on True Blood Fan Source, Jaimie keeps very busy.  You can find her on Twitter or she can be contacted through the site.

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