Video: Ryan Kwanten Gets Animated for Jake and the Pirates

Ryan Kwanten as Brewster Jake and the Pirates

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) did it for Phineas and Ferb, now it’s time for Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) to get animated for the Disney Junior show Jake and the Pirates. Yesterday TV Guide posted a first look at the actor’s appearence on the the children’s TV series. Kwanten is set [...]

Video: Carrie Preston Looking for Home for Recorded Lives Pilot

Recorded Lives Pilot Shot Daisy 3 Pictures

Carrie Preston’s (Arlene Fowler) production company Daisy 3 Pictures has produced a new pilot entitled Recorded Lives. She also acts in it! Directed by Guy Shalem, Recorded Lives follows five different people recording their daily lives through cell phone videos. These videos help capture the dramatic moments that unfold in a very realistic way. Carrie [...]

Video: Stephen Moyer on the Birds and the Bees

Stephen Moyer Fatherhood Birds Bees

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) recently appeared in the Hank Azaria web series Fatherhood to discuss The Birds and the Bees. He described to Hank what it was like receiving the sex talk as a kid from his dad. And he revealed that even though he was mortified at the time, he found himself using the [...]

Video: Rutina Wesley Appears on Sesame Street

Rutina Sesame Sreet

Back in June, Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton) filmed an appearance on the iconic children’s TV show Sesame Street which airs Thursday on PBS. But the actress didn’t expect to talk about her day job with Elmo and Abby. The video below shows Rutina interacting with the two on camera. She admitted that working with puppets [...]

Video: Bill and Sookie with P Diddy in Time Warner Cable Commercial


The Super Bowl has become known for its clever and sometimes outrageous advertising spots in between the big game. This year, Time Warner Cable decided to have Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) take a journey through all of the programming and services they offer with non-other than P-Diddy as their guide. It’s guaranteed [...]

Video: Joe Manganiello Talks to KTLA About La Bare

Joe Manganiello KTLA La Bare

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) is currently at Sundance promoting his new documentary La Bare, which is a part of this year’s Slamdance, the companion of Sundance. We showed him yesterday making the rounds in Park City. Today we have a video interview from KTLA with Joe who discusses why he wanted to make the film [...]

Video: HBO 2013 Year End Trailer

Sookie Light Ball

As 2013 draws to a close today, the following year end video from HBO seems like a highly appropriate thing to watch. In it we see everything from HBO series True Blood, Girls, and Games of Thrones to movies such as Behind the Candelabra, documentaries, and sports HBO has broadcast this year. In the two [...]

Video: Joe Manganiello on Shep Smith Reporting

Joe Manganiello Shep Smith Reporting Fox

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) appeared on Shep Smith Reporting recently to promote his new fitness book Evolution recently. The interview however centered mostly on our favorite topic, True Blood. Shep Smith is apparently the fan of the show and he had to break down Alcide’s own evolution on the HBO series with Joe. It’s a [...]

Video: Stephen Moyer Talks About the Terror of Live Performance

Stephen Moyer Sound of Music Interview E

Before Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) strutted his stuff on the Sound of Music Live last night, E! had the opprotunity to interview him before the big night. In the short video interview below, the actor reveals how he first reacted to the possibility of taking on Captain Von Trapp, the advice he had been given [...]

Video: Deborah Ann Woll Discusses Parfumerie and Sings!

Deborah Ann Woll Good Day LA 2013

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) has taken to the stage in the play Parfumerie, a play set in 1937 Budapest. She appeared on Good Day LA recently to discuss the play, how she met her boyfriend EJ Scott, and she even sang a little something at the end! Parfumerie is about two people who work [...]

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