Videos: Catch Up With True Blood in Under 5 minutes and See Episode 2 First with HBO GO

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One of the reasons why True Blood has become so popular with fans is that it is about more than one thing. It’s not just a show about vampires or even the supernatural. It can be as complex as the best dramas on television today and still be something that you can find humor in. […]

True Blood’s Grant Bowler: Cooter Could Return

Playing a werewolf pack master serving the King of Mississippi sounds like an exotic enough role, but when your name is also Cooter, well, that just adds another level of awesome. And the man behind Cooter, Grant Bowler, loved every minute of his stint on season 3 of True Blood. He gushed to The Sydney Morning […]

Watch The Full True Blood Digging Up Season 3 Video!

A few days ago HBO aired a Digging Up Season 3 special which included teasers for Season 4 of True Blood.  In this video we see the cast members breaking down what happened during the last season for fans who either don’t remember or who maybe haven’t seen Season 3 at all.  It is a great […]

VIDEO: Digging Up Season 3 of True Blood

HBO has released the preview for the True Blood special, “Digging Up Season 3“, which will air Tuesday, June 7th on HBO. As we previously reported, the cast will be providing commentary for the review of the season, and there’s sure to be a mention or two about season 4. Cast members providing commentary include Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette […]

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Will Show Lots of Skin in Season 4

Ever since Joe Manganiello joined the cast of True Blood in season 3 as hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux, he’s always elicited very obvious and very dramatic responses from fans, mostly in the form of long sighs, a flushed face, and the need to fan oneself. Yes, he’s handsome. He’s smoking hot. Some would even say he’s […]

Digging Up Season 3 of True Blood

Set your DVRs, Truebies! HBO just announced that a True Blood special entitled, “Digging Up Season 3“, will air on Tuesday, June 7th. The cast will be providing commentary for the review of the season, and there’s sure to be a mention or two about season 4. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you […]

Video: True Blood The Complete Third Season Dig Deeper Trailer

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How much of a Truebie are you? That’s the question HBO asks in the newly released trailer for True Blood the Complete Third Season. Fans in the UK were able to pick up the DVD/Blu-ray set starting May 23rd. But we here in the United States have to wait until next Tuesday, May 31st. Good […]

True Blood’s Carrie Preston Opens Up About Arlene and Season 4

Carrie Preston’s alter ego on True Blood, Arlene Fowler, knows a thing or two about taking food orders, southern hospitality, being a single mom, short shorts, and fake fingernails. However, the fiery red-head hasn’t had the best of luck in the relationship department. Preston has admitted in the past that she didn’t have a hard time morphing […]

Updated Contest Alert: What Can You Not Wait To See in True Blood Season 4?

True Blood Waiting Sucks June Promo Pic HBO

Excited for Season 4 yet Truebies? So far in the last week or so, HBO has given us not 1, not 2, but 3 new promos celebrating the upcoming premiere of True Blood.  We here at TBFS are just about giddy with excitement for the upcoming season. So much so that we’ve decided to launch […]

True Blood Season 3 DVD Exclusive Featurette

True Blood season 3 comes out on DVD May 23rd and InStyle UK got its hands on a bonus extra featuring Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington), and some of the wolves used on set. In the short clip, Stephen and Denis are being introduced to the wolves in advance of the scene they’ll be shooting with […]

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