Rob Kazinsky Talks About Ben and Warlow

After this week’s episode of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ it seems the only thing we can talk about is how Rob Kazinsky’s character Ben is more then just a faerie.  His character is a hybrid that we thought would never happen…a faerie-vampire!  Not only is he part vampire but he is also Warlow. On the red […]

Rutina Wesley Talks to About Her Favorite Music

We know Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton on our favorite HBO show ‘True Blood’.  She was kind enough to take the time to call SPIN to talk about her favorite music of her life.  So what did she listen to today? “Well I was driving and listening to Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles and I […]

Video: Inside The Episode Of At Last

Alexander Woo 6x04 HBO

So you want to get all of the inside scoop of the True Blood  episode 64 At Last’ episode?? Well you are in luck!  Video is below.  Enjoy! Ep. 64: Inside the Episode Source: – “Inside the Episode of At Last Image/Video Credit: HBO, Inc. Tweet

Video: Recap of ‘At Last’

So you thought you missed something very important in this week’s episode of ‘True Blood‘ called ‘At Last‘?  Well have no fear!  Watch the recap of the episode below. Ep. 64 – Recap Source: – “Recap of At Last” Image/Video Source: HBO, Inc. Tweet

Rob Kazinsky Talks to Collider about True Blood and Pacific Rim

With season six of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ in full swing it seems like we can’t get enough of the show.  We have Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) getting ready to fight Warlow.  We also have the little Bill came up from the pool of blood issue and now we have a new character […]

‘True Blood’ Vol. 4 Soundtrack Review

With each season passing it must be hard for, Gary Calamar, the music supervisor to come up with music to go with each episode.  Not only come up with music to go with the theme of the episode but have the title of the song that is played at the end match the title of […]

Sam Trammell Talks to TV Fanatic About Season Six of ‘True Blood’

Since season one Sam Trammell has played our favorite bar owner Sam Merlotte since season one.  Now of course the main story line for ‘True Blood’ is vampire and werewolves but it looks likes this season might bring trouble for shape shifters from the Louisiana Governor (Arliss Howard).  So after six seasons is he still […]

Video: Stephen Moyer Talks to Hollywood Reporter on Directing and About Billith

When season five of ‘True Blood’ ended last year we saw Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) turn from Bill to what we are calling now Billith.  This happened by his character drinking the blood of the first vampire, turning into a pile of goop then rising from it covered from head to toe in blood. With […]

Alan Ball Working On Another HBO Drama and Give Advice To The New Showrunner

Alan Ball was the creator and showrunner of the HBO show ‘True Blood’ for five season.  After the before the end of last season Ball made the announcement that he will be leaving the show as the showrunner.  He has been taking the year off and getting back to where it all began…writing. “I’m just […]

Video: Joe Manganiello Talks to Wall Street Journal about the Sixth Season of ‘True Blood’

We know Joe Manganiello best as playing Alcide Herveaux on ‘True Blood’.  After being on the show for three seasons he was then promoted to Pack Master at the end of Season 5. “They are psychos…these guys are kind of like everyday drunks.” Joe says this since replacing his father in the pack master role […]

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