Alexander Skarsgård Speaks with E! Online About True Blood and The Giver

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Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) recently chatted with E! Online about the end of True Blood and his new movie The Giver while in London shooting Tarzan. With True Blood set to officially end tomorrow with the airing of the series finale entitled, “Thank You,” Skarsgård reflected on the emotions surrounding wrapping the series and what he took from set. Plus Alexander talked about experiencing the story of The Giver through the script for the first time.

In terms of True Blood ending, Alexander admitted that although he prepared himself for the end of the show, he wasn’t as emotionally prepared as he thought. This is a feeling that many fans might be able to relate to tomorrow:

“It was the saddest moment of my career, for sure. I was ready to move on creatively. I thought it was time, so I was sort of prepared for it, but I cried like a baby. It was so sad. The last couple of weeks leading up to my final scenes that I shot were extremely emotional. I’m already missing it.”

But when he wrapped, the actor didn’t take anything from set initially because he wrapped earlier than some of the other cast in order to go to London for Tarzan. However thanks to his fellow cast mate, good friend, and onscreen progeny Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Sywnford de Beaufort), Alexander did get something from set after all:

“I was already in London, because I wrapped before the other guys to start Tarzan, and she said that she took her fangs. I thought, ‘That would probably be fun to have,’ so she’s got my fangs waiting for me in L.A.”

As for working on the Giver, Alexander revealed that he had never read the book prior to getting the script but he liked the dystopian genre under which The Giver falls:

“I read the script and I thought it was fascinating.”

During filming of the movie, Alexander got the opportunity to spend time

with co-stars such as Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, and Taylor Swift who had a cameo in the movie:

“I wasn’t that familiar with Taylor’s music. Obviously I knew she was a big pop star, but I got to knew her before knowing her music. She’s really awesome and down-to-earth and so much fun to be around. She has great energy and she’s a very talented actress.”

Source: E!– “Alexander Skarsgård Talks True Blood, The Giver, Taylor Swift and Those Pesky Katie Holmes Rumors”

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