True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Will Sarah Newlin Live?


In this past Sunday’s episode, it appeared that Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) would soon be meeting her end at the Fellowship of the Sun Camp. But could she possibly survive? TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams addressed this possibility in this week’s Mega Buzz column:

Will Sarah escape from Eric on True Blood— Boris 
Aww, did you want her to live? That’s cute. She’ll soon get what she deserves, but you might be surprised by how the standoff at the Light of Day camp goes down. “I see the cars pull up, and I actually end up deciding to sacrifice myself,” Anna Camp says. “I believe that I am the new Messiah, and the best thing to do is to tell the truth and to go out there and just surrender.” Sarah does realize there’s no way in hell they’ll take mercy on her, right?

Source TV– “Mega Buzz: A True Blood Sacrifice, Once‘s Parental Secrets and a Castle Reset?”

Image Credit: True Blood Fan

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