Charlaine Harris Talks with Access Hollywood About Alcide’s Death

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Charlaine Harris recently talked with Access Hollywood about the death of her beloved character Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello, on the latest episode of True Blood. Harris is no stranger to killing off characters in her books. Many Bon Temps residents met the true death by the time her Southern Vampire Mystery novels ended in 2013. But Alcide was one of the characters left standing. So it makes her wonder just who will survive come the end of True Blood:

I did [watch] because I’m very fond of [Joe]. He’s a lovely guy, inwardly and outwardly, and I was very surprised, because, of course, that isn’t how my books end, but then, I didn’t really expect them to go out the way my books did. They haven’t really followed them significantly, which is fine, but it just leaves me wondering who else will bite the dust before the series is over.”

Not following the books as much as been a source of debate amongst fans of the Sookie series. But the author herself says that the books and series are different entities:

“The show is their thing and they’ve never tried to tell me how to write the books and I wouldn’t presume to tell them how to write the show.”

Charlaine watches the series each week faithfully and won’t miss the series finale. But just because the show is ending doesn’t mean you’ll see the last of her books on TV. Hallmark is currently in the process of turning Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series into a mini series for its movies and mysteries channel. They’ve also involved Charlaine in the creative process, asking for her help with the series which makes her want to learn more about creating television:

“Couldn’t be a bigger contrast, could there? Unless I was on NatGeo or something, “I know it’s going to be completely different and I look forward to learning more about the television process with a station that definitely has its own point of view, just as clearly as HBO has its.”

Source: Access– “Author Charlaine Harris Reacts To Joe Manganiello’s ‘True Blood’ Exit”

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