Ryan Kwanten Discusses Jason’s Blood Fueled Sex Dream

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Last night’s steamy True Blood sex scene was termed a “a gift to the fans” by TV Line’s Andy Swift. And it was in a way, given that we’re introduced to Alexander Skarsgård’s Eric after last season’s finale for the first time and with Jason no less! Swift chatted with Ryan Kwanten about Jason’s sexy dream sequence though he wouldn’t necessarily call it a dream.

As Kwanten said to Access Hollywood Jason’s sexy Eric dream comes about because Alexander and Ryan had wanted to work together and this is what the writers came up with:

“There was word on the street that a scene was coming, and to be honest, Alex and I had been — not necessarily begging to work together — but we’d been pondering the thought, “What if we were ever put in a scene where it was just the two of us? What would happen?” And this is what our illustrious writers came up with.”

Though Ryan wouldn’t necessarily call the scene a gift to the fans, he did say that the scene only took a couple of hours to shoot. And the process was fun with a lot of laughter included:

“I always have a lot of fun, and I think that’s the important thing to remember. We’re just there to have fun and to stay true to the characters. Thinking back to this particular scene, I just remember Alex and I laughing a lot.”

Swift called the final product elegant. Most of Jason’s scenes are not what his portrayer would call elegant. But the fact that it did satisfied Kwanten. The only question is, why did Jason have a dream about Eric six months later?  Ryan attributes this to Eric’s current dire circumstances:

 “Well, obviously, Jason has had these dreams before, with other vampires whose blood he’s had. I mean, Eric’s gotten himself into some trouble, and I think Jason sensed that.”

The good ole boy Jason is someone who always tries to stay upbeat and positive no matter what might be going on and that part of Jason’s life is something that Ryan wants to integrate into his own life.

Source: TV Line.com– “True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten on Jason and [Spoiler]’s Shocking Sex Scene”

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

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