True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Finale Title and Casting Info!


Happy Sunday Truebies! I have some very bittersweet True Blood Season 7 Spoilers for you. Per the Bookies <3 True Blood Facebook group, the title, writer, director and a bit of casting news has been posted about episode 6×10. It’s the final episode!

Episode #710, “Thank You,” Writer: Kate Barnow. Director: Scott Winant

[YOUNG TARA] Tara (Rutina Wesley) at age 10, African American, she’s seen in flashback having a nice moment with her friend, Young Sookie…CO-STAR

Background / Male / Caucasian / 30 – 48 / Good Looking guy to play a husband to the Actress on True Blood. Same looks as Jason, Sam, Eric and the rest of the cast. Caucasian, 30 to 45 years. good build.

Source:“Bookies <3 True Blood”

Image Credit: True Blood Fan Source

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