Rutina Wesley Speaks to TV Line About True Blood Season 7 Shocker

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This past Sunday, True Blood fans experienced their first casualty of season. Tara Mae Thornton tried to save her mother from the pack of rabid Hep-V vamps that descended on Bon Temps during the human and vampire mixer only to become one of its victims. We did not even see Tara die, only the shocked goo covered Lettie Mae (Adina Porter). Rutina Wesley recently spoke to TV Line about her character’s shocking death and confirmed that Tara is dead:

“Tara is really dead. But dead doesn’t always mean gone on True Blood.”

Indeed, Wesley will return to the screen when her mother’s V induced hallucinations are shared with the audience thanks to Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) who gave Lettie Mae the blood to start with. But in those visions, Tara will be a softer human version when interfacing with her mother. And although we will have to wait and see how Tara will play into the remainder of this season, nothing could compare to Maryann (Michelle Forbes) and the orgy of season 2:

“The orgy, second season; I bet that’s a popular answer. We got that script and I was like, ‘Whaaaaat?’ It’s crazy. Even for True Blood, that was over the top.”

Source: TV– “True Blood‘s First Season 7 Victim: ‘Dead Doesn’t Always Mean Gone’

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.



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