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The last time we saw Sam Merlotte, he had become mayor of Bon Temps and had a baby on the way. Taking on this leadership role has its challenges particularly for someone who is a shapeshifter. Zap2it recently sat down with Sam Trammell to talk about what his character will be up to in True Blood season 7 and what he is looking forward to seeing play out this season.

Being the mayor has forced Sam to become more of a leader this season according to Trammell which is interesting to him because being a shapeshifter, he’s spent the majority of the series being very private and hiding who he is. But don’t expect Sam to reveal his supernatural status to the town as a whole now that the whole town looks to him:

“I don’t think he’s going to go around advertising it. He’s definitely been outed to a certain community, but I think that he will keep it on the down low as much as possible. He’s a very private person, and I think he’s a little suspicious of people to a certain extent, especially given that his parents took on him. I think he has a hard time trusting people. I think there’s an innate unconscious sense that people might take advantage of him if they found out about his powers, or they might sort of target him. I think he likes to keep his cards close to his chest just to feel safe.”

As for the rest of the show, Sam told writer Terri Schwartz that he is looking forward to how the writers satisfy the storylines that have been laid out for Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) as well as Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer):

“The Pam and Eric storyline is really fun, and I’m really excited to see where that goes,” he says. “I actually haven’t read [all the scripts], but I’m really excited to see how they bring that to a close. And obviously what happens to Sookie and Bill as well. That’s the obvious one.”

Coming to terms with the fact that the show is ending has been hard for the actor who says that it feels like he’s been doing this for a long time but that at the same time, he feels like it’s gone so quickly. And while Sam will miss his fellow cast members, the one thing he won’t miss is the nudity:

“I will not miss the cold, long nights, I’ll tell you that — and being naked or short sleeved in the canyons of Malibu. I have put in a lot of outdoor naked time.”

Source:– “True Blood’ Season 7: Sam Merlotte puts himself out there as mayor, says Sam Trammell”

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