Holly Cleary’s Sons to Return in True Blood Season 7

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Aaron Christian Howles and Noah Matthews who play Rocky and Wade Cleary on True Blood will be returning for its final season. According to the site Good Hollywood, the two young actors will be involved in a plot this season. After the latest teaser released by HBO last night, it would be a pretty good guess that we will be seeing the boys in Bon Temps now that the town is under attack from Hep-V infected vampires. Howles calls his character a wannabe rebel and says working on the show has been great:

“I play Rocky Cleary, one of Holly Cleary’s sons. Rocky’s an independent, redneck rebel, or, at least he likes to think he’s a rebel, who can’t stand his mom or other authority figures. Working on the show is great. Everybody on the show is so incredibly nice. I’m extremely lucky to be involved with such a fun group of people.” 

Source: Good Hollywood.com– “True Blood (Exclusive) Aaron Christian Howles and Noah Matthews Return for Season 7″

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

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