Video: True Blood Episode 69 Life Matters Preview

Sookie 6x09

We’ve lost a lot of characters this season. Now it’s time to honor one of them. Watch the True Blood episode 69 Life Matters preview written by showrunner Brian Buckner below:

Source:– “True Blood Episode 69 Life Matters Preview”

Image/Video Credit: HBO, Inc.


  1. Please choose a personality for Sookie I’m getting whip lash. She brought Bill there to broker a last minute deal with Warlow. He promises not to kill you if you help blah blah blah. Please stop dragging this story line out.

    • nicole mccarthy says:

      Why would you want the story to stop dragging out I want more and don’t want it to stop? I just wish it could be now not later and keep airing rapidly and forever:)

  2. nicole mccarthy says:

    Please continue with more True Blood seasons and episodes! Especially on Comcast Stream pix, Comcast TV Player App.,Comcast On Demand, HBO GO and etc. I am a HUGE fan and have only seen up to Season 6 episode 8 and want more!! I want to see what happens to the vampires after the vamp camp and still have more. I wish I had more information of exactly when ,where and what time the newest episodes and seasons are coming on. Please help love True Blood!

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