Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks to Yahoo! TV about Last Season of “True Blood”

Kristin Bauer Mark Davis:Getty ImagesWith season six of our favorite vampire show on HBO “True Blood” going to be starting in less then a month Yahoo! TV was able to catch up with Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam De Beaufort).  They talk about last season and how Pam was able to step up more in the spot light, have her own flashbacks.

So what is Kristin’s thoughts on the last season of “True Blood”?

“Oh man, it was such a good Pam year. I waited so long for that backstory — just to know what it was and see what it looked like and once it arrived on paper, I thought it was just so perfect. It was so fun to get in the clothes, get in the locations that looked like 1905, see Alex [Skarsgard, who plays Eric] in 1905 clothes, to see my brothel. Everything about it explained Pam to me in a new way and that was my favorite part. Why is she so unsympathetic? Because she came from a hard life when it was hard to be a woman and she did this hard profession. Why is she a vampire who is the least apologetic about being a vampire? Because she chose that life. She forced Eric to change her. I loved that writing so much.”

Normally she shares a lot of her scenes with Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Chompton) was it weird to not be working with them and with new actors?

“Very! I loved working with new people, but I did miss my usual crowd — especially Alex. I would visit The Authority set when I was done filming my day just to hang with my peeps. I had so much fun with Alex and Stephen and Anna. I mean, that’s who I started the show with. The first episode I ever did was us four, that’s what feels like home to me. So I really missed them, but I loved getting to know Rutina [Wesley, who plays Tara].”

With the new season around the corner what can you say about it?

“In typical True Blood fashion, just when you think the sh*t has hit the fan as much as it could, some more sh*t hits the fan. The characters are developing their relationships under fire, and that’s great fun for us actor and it keeps the pace up on all the situations. Everything from last year continues but there is some added heat this year.”

What else has her excited for us to see when the new season starts?

“Everything! As [the premiere approaches], I get really excited and nervous and then I replay what we’ve filmed in my head — there’s so much adrenaline involved in it for me because those scenes are my babies. So, I can only judge the scenes I’m not in because I lose all perspective [laughs]. I get very excited to share the season with other people, but even more so, I get excited to watch the show and see how the whole thing was put together. It was a lot of night shoots, so it starts off with a bang, and I’m very excited to see it myself.”

To read the rest of the interview just go here.

Source: Yahoo! TV – “’True Blood’ Star Reflects on Pam’s Best Season”

Image Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

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