Janina Gavankar Gives Season 6 Details to Hollywood Life

Janina Gavankar Gangs of Wasseypur Premiere IFFLA Paul A. Hebert Getty 3Admit it. If you saw the Waiting Sucks: Alcide clip that HBO released on Wednesday you were wondering where Luna (Janina Gavankar) was. After all Martha (Dale Dickey) brought Emma (Chloe Noelle) to the wolf pack. Luna’s fate has remained a mystery since the season 5 finale and Janina hasn’t said much about season 6 until now.  The actress recently spoke to Hollywood Life’s Andy Swift about the consequences of her character’s actions in the finale and how Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) reduced her to tears!

In addition to being near death’s door at the end of season 5 because she skin-walked as Sam in order to save Emma, Luna also shifted back into herself on national television thereby revealing to the world that shapeshifters exist. I think I was so afraid that she would die, I didn’t think of it until this! But Janina certainly has:

“She just outed everyone in the shifter community, so now the world knows there’s more than one supernatural creature on this earth. Holy. F**k. Imagine being a human watching that. As it is, you have to deal with the idea of there being vampires. This is potentially bad for every shifter on the planet…You remember when they ‘came out of the coffin? It’s like restarting the series all over again for that supernatural group.”

And things are looking serious especially for Sam. Janina didn’t give any details on Sam’s storyline this year but  she did watch a scene with him in it that almost made her cry:

“I wasn’t even in the shot with him — I was off to the side, like 100 feet away — and the stuff I could hear him doing was making me lose my mind. I was in a warm up tent 100 feet away, and I was crying. True Blood is A-game all day long. I have nothing but major love for him. I go so lucky that I got paired up with him. He’s tremendous.”

So what do you think about this piece of season 6 scoop? Does it excite you, terrify you, or both? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Hollywood Life.com– “‘True Blood’ Scoop: Janina Gavankar Previews Luna’s Season 6 Punishment”

Image Credit: Paul A. Hebert, Getty Images


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