Video: Denis O’Hare Interviewed By Boy Scouts About His Career

Denis O'Hare Boy Scouts Q&A

Denis O’Hare did a very interesting interview recently. The actor, who will always have a place in the heart of Truebies everywhere for his work as Russell Edgington, was interviewed by a Boy Scout Troop as part of earning merit badges for cinematography. They couldn’t meet in person so Denis watched recorded questions from the boys and responded to them with a video of his own. Denis gives some of the best interviews and this is no exception. Hearing him describe his infamous season 3 diatribe on True Blood to the kids was amusing and adorable, especially when he said they shouldn’t see most of his work. Watch:

Source:– “Denis O’Hare (Emmy Award Nominated Actor) interviewed by Boy Scouts”

Image/Video Credits: ToddBieber, YouTube

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