True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 6×03 Title Change & Additional Casting

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More True Blood season 6 spoilers have come our way! Spoiler TV has posted more information about episode 6×03 which was previously known as Rock Hard Times. The title has been now changed to Abducted. Two guest starring roles are being cast for it. The characters are set to reoccur.

Dr. Overlark is described as 50 years-old and a ruthless adviser to the Governor of Louisiana (Arliss Howard) and Hido Takahashi is a university science professor who is also in his 50’s and likes to talk about himself.

Guest stars for the specific episode include Maggie, a young pregnant woman who is upset because she believes that her husband left her for another woman and two police deputies who search a cabin. These last two co-stars may be the Caddo Parrish deputies who make a visit to Sam’s (Sam Trammell) house who have been written about in previous calls.

Source: Spoiler– “True Blood- Episode 6.03 Title Change + Casting Info”

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