Stephen Moyer Talks To The Observer About Anna Paquin and True Blood

The Observer was able to get a chance to talk to Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) about his wife/co-star Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and True Blood.

As we allknow the fourth season of True Blood Bill Compton became the king of vampires. We of course want to know what the perks where of getting that position for his character. Well here is what Stephen had to say about the perks.

“He gets access to the best blood in Louisiana. All the haemophiliacs step forward and offer themselves. As king, Bill also inherits a cellar full of quality blood, passed down the generations like vintage wine. I love that idea.”

As we know Fiona Shaw joined the True Blood cast as Marnie. So what as it like working with her?

“Amazing. Fiona had an absolute ball and someone of that calibre raises the bar. She’s such a fantastic, professional presence to have on-set. And Anna [Paquin, Moyer’s co-star and now wife] knew Fiona because they’d worked together 16 years ago on Zeffirelli’s Jane Eyre. (Laughs) There’s very few people who Anna hasn’t worked with actually, she’s been around that long. [Paquin won an Oscar aged 11 for The Piano].”

So we want to know if there is a “no shop talk at home” rule. Here is what he said.

“Well, we shoot eight months of the year and put in long hours. So we talk about work for the first bit, but by month six you’re crawling along on stumps and it’s the last thing you want to discuss. Although Sookie and Bill aren’t together now, so we don’t spend nearly as much time together on set as we used to. Often one’s at work and the other’s at home. We miss that camaraderie. Occasionally we do have a scene together, with all the crew who’ve been with us since day one, and it’s just like family. We get back to ribbing each other very quickly. It’s tit-for-tat banter.”

This was a very interesting interview to read because you got to know the guy behind Bill Compton and to be able to get his thoughts on everything. Of course you can read the rest of the article here.

Source: The Observer – “Stephen Moyer: ‘We’re thinking about a True Blood scene where all the vampires go tot a tanning booth…'”

Image Credit: Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

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