HBO Releases “Vampyre” Symbol and Unlock a New Sticker on Get Glue

Christopher Meloni as Roman

Yesterday HBO released a new vampyre symbol and posted a new teaser to go with it featuring the new cast members of the authority. But along with that, the network also added a new sticker to their Get Glue collection. See the new image and teaser below and don’t forget to head to Get Glue and check in to True Blood for your vampyre sticker!

Sources:– “@TrueBloodHBO”– “True Blood Season 5: Vampyre Teaser”

Image/Video Credits: Get Glue/HBO, Inc.


  1. BookLover62 says:

    If only the sticker link worked, tried it from GetGlue site, tried it from @TrueBloodHBO tweet link and the message keeps popping up that the sticker is “no longer available”. I guess limited time really means limited time. Their tweet was posted 22 hours earlier when I started trying to access the link.
    #waitingsucks and at times the “sticker site” mentioned above has its major problems too.

    • Shanea O'Connor says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! I got mine yesterday and it worked perfectly well. You might try emailing support. Sometimes they take a sticker off without meaning to. I’ve run into that before myself. I’ll try them and see what they say.

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